What Do You Say to Taking Chances? || Faust x Kaity

Faust’s muscles were loose, his body felt like jelly, pooled into the crisp white sheets in the bed belonging to God knows who, if anybody. Faust ran a hand through his hair, all messy in curls that had broken free from their usual gel hold. He groaned softly, his voice low and a little rough, he was still coming down from his orgasm and everything felt good to him, the warmth of Kaity’s body near his, the soft sheets that wrapped themselves around his exposed skin, sticky with sweat. He smirked and kissed Kaity’s temple without thinking about it, overwhelmed with affection for just a moment to use the energy he had left to show it.

Goodnight my sweet angel. Goodnight big, vast world. Tonight you seem quiet, yes, almost unheard.
The streetlights keep lit for your return back to home, as the dark softly whispers “you’re never alone.”
She’s awakened from slumber with one special kiss, realizing from an angel who is unbearably missed.

It's Not Right But It's Okay || Faust x Kaity

Faust had offered to take Kaity for dinner that evening, partially to take his mind off of his personal woes, partially to rid him of the deep rooted guilt he felt for having to lie to her about why Faith was angry with him.

He’d dressed himself in a dapper button up shirt and had left the collar open, deciding to neglect a tie on this rare occasion. He fixed the collar of this shirt as he sat himself down opposite Kaity with a warm smile though there was slight tension between them, at least he believed so.