Sam X Reader

Request: HIIIIII!!! I have a request if ya don’t mind. One where Charlie notices the reader staring at Sam and Sam being the oblivious moose he is and Charlie forces the reader to let her give her a makeover and she just steps out and Sam’s just stunned and realizes he loves her and funny and fluff pleaseeee! Thank you! Your so amazing!!

Request: Can you write a reader x sam where sam decides to tell her he is in love with her, so he makes a dinner for her and in the end, they sleep in sam’s bed? Please? Cute!

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thisoldhouse fanboy Anthony Carrino (one-half of the ultra-hottie duo from HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins/ Cousins On Call/ Cousins Undercover) is doing  a piece of business with my loves over at DEKTON. He’s using their Strato surfacing in his swanky rooftop oasis makeover. And YOU get to follow along here. Because the only thing sexier than some DEKTON is Anthony Carrino. Woof. -ts