Ho. Ho. Ho. Help!!

I’ve been invited by one of my very creative blogger friends to blog with a purpose this holiday season, which is right up my alley! The holidays for me are about helping, not getting. All bloggers are welcome to join.

What to do: locate a charity in your area of your choice, take time to volunteer, make a monetary donation, take a photo and write a post about it to help give the charity more exposure to your readers.

I have selected my charity and will make my reveal in the upcoming weeks! Be sure to tag #puposeblogger if you plan to participate.

As bloggers can do so much more to help, so let’s collectively do something to make a difference!

Hey everyone. Im 14 years old and shaving my head on March 20th for St. Baldricks. I been raising money all week. I have been asking everyone i know and posting it all over the place trying to raise as much money as i can. I lost many people to cancer, and i know plenty of people fighting for their lives.. im asking you to PLEASE donate and reblog this, get the word around. ANY amount can make a difference even a dollar, a dollar would make all the difference. Thank you for your support <3


Watch on wuanmc.tumblr.com

#UNICEF kids march in dowtown #milan #italy #HakiYangu #kiswahili #children #makeadiffernce (presso Corso Vittorio Emanuele II)

Live Life Live?

It’s Monday, April 9, 2012.

Will you do something today that is worth remembering? I woke up this morning with that exact question in my mind. Is today going to be an important day in my life.

If you think about it, most of the important days of our lives happen unpredictably. Like the day we were born (although, that could have arguably been seen somewhat coming), or the day you lost a family member, the day you met a great friend, or any “firsts”

Anything could happen this week that’s out of your control, but lots of things can happen this week that are in your control, what could they be? That’s for you to decide. Make a difference.

Live life live.