Don’t judge people for talking shit about their parents on the internet??? You are not them and do not know what their home life is like. Just because you have an A+++ mother does not mean everyone else in the world does. Do not think people are shitty because they say rude things about their parents on the internet. People are allowed to hate their shitty parents!!!!

So there has been a You in RF Meme  that was created by yvesaffection that I’ve seen recently so I had to try it! It just looked so cute and too fun not to try:


Birthday: Fall 5
Weapon Class: Long Sword
Favorite Gift: Doom Pumpkin, Pumpkin Flan, Ruby,  Devil Blood
Loved Gifts: Hot Chocolate,  Pumpkin, Salted Salmon, Sashimi, Dragonic Stone, Platinum, Gold, Light Crystal

Liked Gifts:  Chocolate Cake, Grilled Fish Dishes, Weapons, Any Jewels, Jewel Accessories, and Minerals (Though she has a few favorites)

Disliked Gifts: Strawberry Milk, Onion, Green Pepper

Hated Gift: Ultra Onion

Just some stuff about her:

  • Likes the color red and since she is a dwarf, her whole clan uses Devils blood to draw the markings on their faces, that is why receiving it as a gift makes her so happy
  • Though she lives out of the town and deep within the woods on Autumn Road, she happily goes to town each day to see her friends
  • As a dwarf she is good at making accessories and forging weapons but even though it is one of her talents and her Family’s trade, she enjoys fighting and earning money as a hired mercenary more.
  • She has a love and thirst for making money and loves gems and gold, but her favorite is Ruby because of it’s red hues
  • Uses Light Crystals as decorations in and around her home since they glow
  • I didn’t make her look like Doug on purpose I swear xD I just dyed my hair that color 

Eve: Make It Out This Town feat. Gabe Saporta

Check out Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship in Eve’s new music video for ‘Make It Out This Town’ above!


Say hello to Mr. Saporta in EVE’s new video for “Make It Out This Town”!


‘‘I would totally wear this dress. What are the chances I’ll make it out of this town, without fighting a dress ruining, snot monster? Heh, don’t be stupid. This dress is doomed. Should’ve grabbed the ugly one, and I knew it.’‘

Spider Woman #007

hawwkgirl asked:

supervillain westallen au fic or drabble?

(AU: Iris is a thief. Note: this is just one of like 5 fics I started writing for this. I’ll post the others over time!)

“Put the necklace back.”

She paused only for a second before looping her finger around the expensive gold chain and lifting it. “Well well, if it isn’t the Scarlet Speedster,” Iris purred, drawing the necklace into her palm and spinning around. He loomed in front of her, arms crossed tightly over his rather expansive chest. “Have you come to punish me?”

Iris reached out and slid her open hand over the lightning bolt on his chest, flitting her eyes upward and locking onto his. He took a step backward and she stopped herself from grinning ear to ear; he was still nervous around her. Good.

“If you don’t put the jewelry you stole back, I’ll have to bring you to justice.”

She pouted, biting her bottom lip, letting him focus on her face while she slipped the necklace into one of her pouches. For a moment, he just stared at her, but then she left a strong hand on her arm. She moved toward him, her chest centimeters away from his own, his left hand still circled on her left wrist near her ass. Her right hand, though, was still inching up his chest, getting closer and closer to the exposed skin on his face.

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In case you missed it on Friday, Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta performed ‘Make It Out This Town’ with Eve on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - check out the performance in the video above!


Eve feat. Gabe Saporta - Make It Out This Town 

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Eve - Make It Out This Town (Feat. Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship)

Have you ever laid in bed and it’s late in the night staring at the ceiling talking to God about life? Asking when it’s gonna happen, just maybe it might made a lot of life turns, some wrong and some right, wanna know when it’s your second, your minute, your time. Sick of dreaming, wanna lay the pictures in your mind, never been like all the others, you’re one of a kind, I know you’re feeling like you wanna break free, it’s a sign, just wanna fly above it all, see where you can land.

This is my jaaam <3