the more i think about lily evans, the sadder i get.

  • she would have loved to take little harry out to muggle towns and make sure he’d grow up perfectly accepting of their culture
  • she would enjoy chasing around harry on the small broom, pretending to be too slow to catch him
  • she’d find her favorite recipes for pies and cakes, but couldn’t cook more than two dishes. she’d laugh every time she tried and james would have to take over
  • lily would adore hermione beyond anyone else and spent hours talking to them in diagon alley before harry’s second year
  • she would cry when she said good-bye to harry his first year on platform 9 ¾, and james did too. they didn’t care
  • lily would beg harry to have birthday parties at their house, and was more than enthusiastic to welcome all the weasleys in
  • she’d convince james to let harry use the invisibility cloak, because “it was more than helpful to us, maybe it’ll be good for him too”
  • number one quidditch fan and she started a happy-dance when she heard from mcgonagall that harry joined the team
  • when little eleven year old ginny kept looking at harry during a get together, lily knowingly stored this knowledge, but didn’t prod ginny. she was sure harry would come around
  • lily made sure harry knew how to stand up for himself, because she spent her years at hogwarts struggling to learn how and if anyone was going to pick on him at least he’d be able to hold his ground
  • she would get to grow old, and she’d accept every wrinkle and grey hair with pride
  • and instead of sharing a grave with james, she’d be sharing a home

Eve: Make It Out This Town feat. Gabe Saporta

Check out Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship in Eve’s new music video for ‘Make It Out This Town’ above!


Say hello to Mr. Saporta in EVE’s new video for “Make It Out This Town”!

Prom Night, Everything Is Alright

St. Teresa’s was abuzz with prom fever. The students and their dates flittered about the school auditorium, music blasting and lights flashing. Amidst the rented limos, the Slasher’s vehicle drove up. Cody double parked on the sidewalk, honking his horn.

“Make way for the hottest ladies in town!” he shouted out the window.

Angela buried her face in her hands. It was true, she did feel pretty hot that night, clad in a sparkling royal blue dress Leatherface had made her for the occasion. The long skirt made her feel like a princess and the cowl neckline disguised her lack of breasts. That combined with her hair- covered in glitter because Leatherface insisted- and her makeup made her an absolute vision. But Lord knows she didn’t need the whole world to know that.

“Cody, could you please not broadcast our presence? We’re trying to lay low here.“

Cody scoffed. “Fuck that, you two are looking hot as hell and you shouldn’t care what these motherfuckers think. Hold your heads and your middle fingers up and show them that you’re better than all of them.”

the cicadas in my township are disorganized lil shits they don’t rise on the years the prophecy foretold instead we get moderate swarms of them every summer and then on the actual cicada years there is a crunchy coating of them on every surface outdoors and their screams deafen outsiders

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In case you missed it on Friday, Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta performed ‘Make It Out This Town’ with Eve on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - check out the performance in the video above!


Eve feat. Gabe Saporta - Make It Out This Town 

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Eve - Make It Out This Town (Feat. Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship)

Have you ever laid in bed and it’s late in the night staring at the ceiling talking to God about life? Asking when it’s gonna happen, just maybe it might made a lot of life turns, some wrong and some right, wanna know when it’s your second, your minute, your time. Sick of dreaming, wanna lay the pictures in your mind, never been like all the others, you’re one of a kind, I know you’re feeling like you wanna break free, it’s a sign, just wanna fly above it all, see where you can land.