Imagine your favorite character chasing you out into the rain after a huge fight and kissing you passionately and whispering into your ear with a seductive voice, “I’m sorry babe. Let me make it up to you” as they wiggle their eyebrows and drag you inside.


Regina Mills appreciation week, Day 4 → favourite heartbreaking moments: 03x09 Save Henry
What I find heartbreaking about this - beside the fact that she wants to love and be loved so much that she’s willing to forget that who Henry’s mother is, which she subconsciously knows may cost her her happiness with Henry - is the message that the show has been sending so far. And that message is that the biological mother can come in whenever she wants and take her child away from the person who actually raised him, and the adoptive mother has no rights to the child she has been taking care of. Third season did a bit better, showing that Regina is a good mother, but even in 3b midseason finale it was the biological mother who gets the child. Despite Regina’s character development, which I loved, it annoys me just a little bit that once again it’s Emma who gets Henry. I admit it has gotten better in season 3, Regina getting to spend time with Henry, and him wanting to spend time with her, but one swallow doesn’t make a summer. Especially on OUAT which can be so very inconsistent in its treatment of characters. That’s why I find this scene’s last line so sad. I hope that there will be a happy ending for Regina and Henry, and that I’ll get to redo this gifset one day and add some happy Regina/Henry scenes for a change.

also what the heck with boys anyway “oh you like doctor who” or “oh you’ve played zelda” or “oh you’ve read comic books now let me try to base a relationship on this”

and meanwhile i’m like “yes hello do you like Jesus and children because actually that other stuff doesn’t matter”

and they’re like trying to build a relationship out of a time traveller and one of the worst forms of storytelling and then they decide to go to the same school as you which feels nice because it feels like someone wants to stay around you even though you don’t like them back or how they’re handling this situation but it feels nice to be wanted anyway but at the same time you’re like ??????

and while you’re like ?????? they decide they like someone else who exercises and is probably prettier than you but also likes doctor who and probably knows how to talk to people and do things because she probably doesnt have mental problems

and then they’re kind of a jerk about it but they don’t actually do anything wrong so you cant get mad they just stop talking to you unless they have to and then they act like they still like you and youre just like “shut up dont touch my hair dont sit beside me go sit on the other couch youre a bad person and you make me feel bad” uGH

tbh i think im more anxious about visiting my grandmother this weekend and probably not seeing y crush this week than about the things i have to do this week 

"Ari!!… Darling!!… I made you some Pumpkin S’more Brownies!!…" I called out, walking into the hallway; tray of baked goods in hand. "Ariana?… Ari, are you in here?!?…"

Ariana crossed her arms and tapped her food against the floor. “So you think that sweets are all it’s gonna take to make me less mad at you?”

((Holy fuck. Food porn. Rawr.))

why the percy hate??

realistically milo is probably just pulling a sam and continuing to stubbornly support apple solely to annoy me even after i told them about the whole chinese pseudoprison sweat shops thing but knowing this isnt making me any less mad

im gonna stop this immediately though

I am so tired and the reading is not making any sense

okay I kind of understand… but this is during the french revolution and I’m still kind of pissed what the reading said about women… yes it was during the 1700s and that was the mentality but it still is not okay

ryderps said:

"Will you marry me?"

Ryder, we’ve been married for three months now. You can’t use that trick to make me less mad about you breaking something… again. Now, c’mon, if you go get the broom, I’ll help you clean it up.

What on Earth am I going to do with you?