Nice interview, Ben is hella fun as usual!

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I'm so sorry but you're crazy to think that daft punk's album deserved it. Kendrick Lamar was always all over the radio and so was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Taylor swift too, the only "popular" song for daft punk was get lucky so out of all the nominees including Sara bareilles, I don't think that daft punk deserved it at all

See friend, thats the thing. It isn’t about being popular. Its about being good. c: and to me, Daft Punk were fucking amazing. Get Lucky isn’t even the best song on Random Access Memories. The thought, passion, and effort that went into that Album was uncanny, and I loved it from the first note, to the last. Daft Punk did deserve it. They worked hard for it, and I’m proud of em. :)