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  • me:Um no, this is Princess Daisy.
  • boyfriend:well here, I found a piece of Wario
Unsolved Problem: Cyprus

                 Turkish Republic has been part of  international politics more than 90 years. In that  time, Turkey has been met many different conflicts and wars. One of them is Cyprus issue which has been seen more than 50 years in Turkish agenda, and it is also the first issue in agenda now. Turkey and Cyprus signed agreement in 1959 in Zurih to create Cyprus Republic by Turkish Cypriot people and Greek Cypriot people. That  agreement gave equal rights to both Turkish and Greek Cypriot people in state, and Makarios, who was Greek leader, was chosen president and Dr. Fazıl Küçük, who is Turkish leader, also became vice president of country. However, from 1963 to 1974, Turkish Cypriot people had been suspended from state’s  administration by force. The tension between these two countries was increasing day by day because Makarios wanted to join Greece.The first military intervetion to Cyprus by Turkish goverment was seen in 1964 in order to protect Turkish Cypriot citizens’ right. In that years Turkey was a member of western, and there were 77 non allince states for Cyprus issue. Turkey wanted to convice them to support Turkey by making public diplomacy. Turkey sent academicans and business men to these states in order to mention about Turkey. However,  Cyprus issue( tension) was escalated by Greece by making coup in Cyprus in order to control whole Cyprus. Because of that case Turkey made military peace operation to Cyprus for protecting Turkish Cypriot People, and Turkey became sucessful. By the way these peace operation is still meant as invansion by other states. After operation, Cyprus is diveded into two different states. One of them is KKTC ( Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti), and the other is GKRY ( Güney Kıbrıs Rum Yönetimi) but KKTC is still not recognized by other state which means that Cyprus is whole state that is ruled by Greek.

Cyprus issue  affects Turkish Foreign Ministry’s strategy. Turkey created relationship  with Greece, the U.S., Russia, Nato, EU, UN, and Israel directly. The issue is a barrier for Turkey in international politics. For example, Turkey wants to join European Union, but EU does not accept full membership of Turkey because of Cyprus issue, and Turkey side in Cyprus and Greeek side come together to solve problem under mediator of United Nation. This is called Talks Topic. Kofi Annan became mediator but there is no solution for Cyprus issue. It is still going on, and it affects Turkish Foreign Policy.

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