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The beanies back, unfortunately. Can’t tell from these pictures too well, but the leather pants are back! Good interview, and Nick Lachey is looking mighty fine. He did ask Maks about chemistry on the dance floor which Maks answered very well. One interesting comment he made is that he has always thought if you want to create anything that looks like anything as a couple you have to stay away from each other. Nick joked it was the Bull Durham approach - stay apart and keep the tension.

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Deep, deep down I wonder what it feels like being Peta and Fedor. America (and beyond) watched Maks and Meryl fall in love (now just friends-ha!) with their SO's. Pure, love laden pictures are posted of them daily for all to re-live. They may be with them physically, but you can't tell me MM don't think of each other daily when they're forced to see the tagged pictures on IG. Karma works in mysterious ways. Six months-one year from now will price interesting. Good luck to all!

No one knows what the future holds..I don’t know what could happen tomorrow. Things change all the time..what we see now might not be what we see months from now..that’s why I’m not going anywhere..want to see what’s to come for both..

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Heads up. Meryl and Charlie have been obvious dorks for years when it comes to product placements. No matter what it is they will sell the shit out of it and bring it up in a situation where it doesn't even matter😂😂 I think people are still stinging from MnM and are starting to find faults w/ Meryl now that they've harped on Maks enough. #shrugs

Ha! Yes, I still chuckle when I think of one interview she & Charlie did after dwts, someone asked her about Maks & she answered by talking about the Puffs Soft Pack! It was one of the funniest interviews I’ve seen from her. If they want to deflect, they’ll both do it with a smile and a savvy business plan. I rather admire it.

I think it’s silly to be concerned over her product placement via sm - it’s not a new notion, and there’s something to be said for using sm as a business resource & not just an outlet for selfies. She’s a smart cookie, so I don’t begrudge her ability to leverage it to her advantage. Plus, it’s not like we’re a captive audience, we can scroll on by if we so choose.

I still think this is more about fandom angst surrounding her not admitting to Fed yet, but she’ll do what she wants there. I mean, they were together for how long the first time around? And there are very few coupley pics of the two.

Just a Few Thoughts!

Meryl is busy today liking an posting pictures which makes me wonder if her vacation is coming to an end. It certainly looks like she has had a good time.

There is no doubt in my mind that M and M have an incredible bond and relationship between them. Were they ever romantically involved - I really don’t know but you have to wonder. But they have both consistently said they were not dating each other but they loved , adored and respected each other.

We have all heard what has been said about Fedor being a “player” and is Meryl settling. But what about Maks’s behavior over the past year? Rumors he dated and hooked up with JLo, flirting with his ex Kate Upton, going to Hawaii and letting the women hang all over him, Italy with DB, Miami with Alana K, hanging out with Peta….. Maybe Maks’s rep as “sex on a stick” was more publicity than she wanted to deal with. It’s fine if someone’s your best friend, not so if you are dating. A lot of us think M and P’s pics the night they were out drinking were the final straw for Meryl and she put the stop to the rumors with Maks during the Cupid interview. Since then they have slowly began to rebuild and show just how incredible and magical they are together, but as partners and friends, not as a couple.

I think many of us are disappointed to see both Meryl and Maks with other people but life is an ongoing and static journey. What we see today may not be the same tomorrow. Is Fedor endgame for Meryl? I have no idea. Is Peta endgame with Maks? I’m going to say no - that is a train wreck in the making. In the meantime,

I want happiness and success for both Meryl and Maks and will continue on this ship because I think they will continue to give us plenty of laughs, excitement, and love.



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