I’m not particularly concerned for John’s safety, although I see that some people are. (And it’s not Homestuck unless someone’s facing impending destruction.) This is still little Caliborn. He’s allegedly a fully fledged Lord of Time, but he doesn’t have his clockwork majyks/disintegrating roar of time yet. I don’t think he yet has the power to overrule the God Tier clock. And his comments about blood and teeth suggest he’s probably just going to try to club John in the mouth. 

Since we see what looks like a future John during the whole double John situation, he looks pretty ok. If worst comes to worst, this probably wouldn’t be a heroic or just death, so I wouldn’t stress too much about him. Yet, anyway. It’s still early in the game for major permanent cast deaths. 

anonymous said:

Miss Raka, help! Syndra stabbed me for telling her to let you lift her D:

Puts a finger in your wound.

Majyk heals.

anonymous said:

What do you think is going on with the whole "full body union with the clockwork majyks" thing?

Well, it seems that at some point Caliborn learns how to imbue himself and his followers with cherub reproduction power, which is usually only accessible while they are mating. This power is shown through flashy colored lights, and we see it in the Handmaid, Lord English, and the Condesce. Its primary power is immortality (although another mating cherub can still do damage) but it seems it also has other magical powers. In the Handmaid’s battle with Scratch, we see her use some sort of ‘clockwork majyks’ spell, not that it does much good.

It’s probably some sort of physical manifestation of Time crossed with cherub powers and possibly boosted with the power of the juju, but I don’t honestly know how Caliborn taps into it. I think the God Tier clock may play a part, but exactly what he does… still a mystery. Probably a very plot important mystery, too, because if we know the answer then there may be a way to break it.