Meet + Cute Films - Cassie and Justin

Two of my very dear friends are getting married next weekend (!!!) and all of my invited friends are VERY exciting about our upcoming reunion.

Another friend of mine (who has never met any of the invited gang) will be in the same town for work, so will probably come meet everyone, and my (also-invited) friend Chris and I were talking about it:

me: He’s nervous

me: I told him we’re all very loud and love each other very much

Chris: that is literally a perfect description of us

Chris: couldn’t have said it better

Chris: we will get drunk, we will give lots of hugs, there will be tears of joy, and singing. and you will probably find us very strange.


MAJUDGE.  Remember when you were the best perc-er in the accis?  THIS IS YOUR NEW GOAL.


Sophie: I found her. She can’t speak English; she’s from Sri Lanka.

Hanna: I’m from Germany.

Sophie: …Oh.

Really, is there anything better than Sophie’s scenes in Hanna?

For the past few days

I have had an almost overwhelming desire to be a hermit and retreat from society, just for a little while. I have been a grumpy, anxious, cranky pill of a person to be around, which I think mostly stems from the fact that I feel as if I’ve been constantly surrounded by people for the past two or three weeks. I mean, for our St. Patty’s Day Extravaganza in Denver this past weekend, there were 11 of us staying in one apartment. I’ve been out of town for the past two weekends, and have also been weighed down by a lot of anxiety regarding my current (relatively unstable) job situation – especially since Monday when I got some pretty unwelcome news on that front – so have really been craving time alone to do nothing.

In an effort to regain some level of sanity/calm while saving money, I planned on taking this weekend as a “hermit weekend”, and not going out or seeing anyone – just taking time to be alone and compose myself and work my way through a long to-do list.

But due to a combination of a Chorale concert this weekend + several last minute plans sprung on me this morning, my hermit weekend has instead turned into:

Tonight: Chorale rehearsal

Thursday: Extra Chorale rehearsal as it is concert week, family dinner with my girlfriends, The Hunger Games midnight premiere

Friday: Chorale dress rehearsal

Saturday: 9:30am Zumba class, lunch and shopping date with a friend, birthday party (including set-up) for a close friend, Chorale concert

Sunday: Chorale concert #2 in a town 1 hr away, people coming over for the Mad Men season premiere

And just like that, there goes my hermit weekend. Typically I would be more upset about losing the much-hoped-for alone time, but today at work I found out some news re: my job sitch that is a MAJOR relief, and also I found out that thanks to my dad being generous with his Southwest miles, I’ll be able to go to my college’s Young Guarde Weekend, a mini Spring Homecoming which this year (intentionally) coincides with the 20th Anniversary Celebration for my a cappella group. I’m fucking thrilled about this – I wanted to go so badly, but I didn’t think I’d be able to go because flights are so expensive. And now, I get to go, and I will get to see friends I haven’t seen since I graduated almost two years ago.


The difference between my mood Monday/Tuesday and today is ASTRONOMICAL.


In this video Mr. Rogers learns how to break dance and everything is right in the world and this Leap Day is going really well.