you've got potential, kid || Mairu and Hikaru

Hikaru was about to ask the storekeeper the status on his latest design. There was a skirt in his last batch that was a huge hit and sold out almost instantly. Hikaru had a strict no-restock policy, so time and time again he relied on the shopkeeper for initial market projections. But she was always so obviously clueless with the marketing aspect. If only he had an assistant to check out market interests for him.

Hikaru just had a long and unproductive two-hour conversation with her. It had gotten so painstakingly apparent that she just wanted to spend as much time with him as possible. If you weren’t a minimum-wage part-timer I’d have told you to go somewhere else long ago… Hikaru wanted to say to her.

He was about to leave the boutique when a petite high school figure caught her eye. He knew she was in high school because she happened to be wearing a Glendale uniform. She had long hair tamed into two neat braids, and a pair of classic spectacles adorned her face. Hikaru wouldn’t call her beautiful, but there was an obvious charm about her.

She was holding up the hanger featuring his dress. It was a long casual chiffon dress in off-white. It was adorned with multicolored ribbons along the neckline. He meant it to be a versatile everyday dress, meant to flatter everybody. It was the last dress they had in stock and it seemed to be the girl’s size.

Yet, somehow she seemed hesitant. Could it be the price? Hikaru pondered, though if she could afford to go clothes shopping on a school night it’s not likely that the price tag would deter her. The design, then? He decided to approach her.


"Interesting dress you’ve got there, miss. Would you mind telling me what you think of it?"