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Forest of Fortune at AWP

I’m honored to represent Tyrus Books at Small Press Night AWP kickoff party on April 8 at the Crooked Pint House in Minneapolis. Here’s the lineup:

Dasha Kelly (Curbside Splendor)
Cyn Vargas (Curbside Splendor)
Jon Paul Fiorentino (Anvi Press)
Brandi Wells (Civil Coping Mechanisms)
Mairead Case (featherproof books)
Justin Marks (Barrelhouse)
Jim Ruland  (Tyrus Books)


“I wrote this book in a circular home on a hill, overlooking the city, which roams while we are sleeping; I wrote it in a café with my friends; I wrote it as I looked for hidden streets, while sitt…

Everyone needs more Mairead Case in their lives. It’s a good thing her book comes out next year, so we can all put it on our Favorites list when the time comes.

The disaster is and also, it bears away the end. This puts us in zombie times, or maybe, slightly more hopefully, some new galaxy or mossy mushroomy forest floor. Are we walking. Are our bodies here. Is mine. Is yours.
—  mairead case 

Mairead Case (MFAW 2014)

Responding to:
Test Site
by Autumn Hays

Country of Origin
by Dirty Devlin and Mister Junior

This is our real job.
– Temporary Services, Art and Labor

It was hard, deciding how to write about these two performances. Hard because performance—Performance!—is still pretty new to me, so I want to run towards all the pretty sparkly things at once and of course that makes hard, sharp analysis challenging. Hard too because our schedule meant I was writing about the shows in-progress, about dress rehearsals not opening nights, and three because all three people are such different performers. I didn’t want to dull or force anyone.

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Mairead Case wrote and David Laskey illustrated Soixante-Neuf, the story of Jane Berkin and Serge Gainsbourg’s relationship, and it was published in Best American Comics 2011. At Brain Frame 7, on July 28th, 2012, Mairead, with the help of Mason Johnson and Hillary Stone, gave voice to the couple and the comic.

Video thanks to Jenna Caravello, Ryan Gleeson, and Maren Celest.


Come join us for the BRAIN FRAME one year anniversary! 

Andy Burkholder
Mairead Case [presenting a collaboration with David Lasky]
Lyra Hill
Ian McDuffie
Nicholas O’Brien
Leslie Weibeler

And more…

*NOTE: Wicker Park Fest is occurring the same weekend. Guests are advised against trying to drive. The festival ends at 10pm, which is when Brain Frame starts.

@Happy Dog 1542 N Milwaukee, second floor, $7.

We are bound up in categories and classifications and genres, not in actually evaluating what a writer is saying — like when Eileen Myles says, “You can’t get money without a category” in Chelsea Girls. Well, sometimes you can’t get taken seriously either. People don’t know how to read you unless you tell them — teach them — how to read you. With a first book, you lack context. An audience. You lack a bio. People don’t yet know how to frame what you’re doing. In this country, the genre of fiction is incredibly conservative right now (driven heavily by the market) and therefore limiting in terms of how you can construct it, even though of course everything is a fiction, regardless of what we actually call it.
—  Writer Masha Tupitsyn, with Mairead Case (Bookslut)