I lost 0.2lbs this week with weight watchers. It’s weird because I’m trying to maintain my weight so I ate more than 7-10 extra points everyday and ran out of weeklies before the week ended…but since this loss was so small, I’m guessing that means I’m on the right track. I lost 0.8 lbs eating junk last week so this has definitely been more of a challenge to understand than losing the weight was. I’ll get it, eventually.


Gas is a BITCH. & my mileage is the same thing. Dude, i have about 40 thou on my mileage and maintaince is a dayum bitch too. Like almost 500 a pop for a check-up. This world is ridiculous, foreals.

I might need to take on two jobs and school for me to do everything i got planned.

-.- not even cool.


Fill your space with plants.

They’re a great way to add a splash of color without being too overwhelming. Not only do they look nice, but they’ll also change the overall vibe of the room. Since adding mine to my bedroom I feel more relaxed and the frangrance from the hyacinth acts as a natural air freshener, which smells amazing. Makes me wonder why I never added these sooner! I also find watching flowers bloom intriguingly beautiful.

Not good at keeping plants alive? Me too! Have no worries; simply choose lower maintaince plants such as succulents. They require watering every week and a half to two weeks (less frequently in the winter time) and either direct sunlight or a bright room. That’s all!

You can also choose a multipurpose plant like an aloe vera (posted above). It’s beautiful as decor, and, when needed, you can cut a leaf off and enjoy its many benefits!

So go ahead and fill your space with plants!

Aloe Vera plant (organic) from Whole Foods for $20
Hyacinth from Whole Foods $8 (or around that price)
Succulent (we’ll just name it that because I forgot the specific name for it) $7-8 from Home Depot

How to Choose: 

The first thing to consider is what kind of Leather you’re buying and how often you will wear the garment. Some types of leather are more durable and easier to maintain, while others look decadent but, in return, are a nightmare to care for.

These are the most common types of leather:

Cowhide: The most durable type of leather.
Water buffalo: Not as durable as cowhide.
Sheepskin: More durable than lambskin and usually more expensive.
Lambskin: Soft and supple.
Nubuck: Dyed leather with a velvet or nap finish.

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