I lost 0.2lbs this week with weight watchers. It’s weird because I’m trying to maintain my weight so I ate more than 7-10 extra points everyday and ran out of weeklies before the week ended…but since this loss was so small, I’m guessing that means I’m on the right track. I lost 0.8 lbs eating junk last week so this has definitely been more of a challenge to understand than losing the weight was. I’ll get it, eventually.


Gas is a BITCH. & my mileage is the same thing. Dude, i have about 40 thou on my mileage and maintaince is a dayum bitch too. Like almost 500 a pop for a check-up. This world is ridiculous, foreals.

I might need to take on two jobs and school for me to do everything i got planned.

-.- not even cool.