last week, i went in to interview for a paid summer position at a local LGBT rights, marriage equality, and education non-profit. the interview was going great until the man stopped me mid-sentence and told me i was actually interviewing for an unpaid internship. i told him that i was already overwhelmed with volunteer work and couldn’t afford to work for free. this is absolutely true, but he continued to ask me if i could work from home—for no pay. a few days later, i received a presumptuous email asking me to volunteer at a $200 plate dinner honoring TD Bank and some straight politicians. here’s how i replied:


As I said in my interview (which I believed in good faith was for a paid position), I’m already overwhelmed with volunteer and pro bono work. 

More so, I am extremely uncomfortable with a $200 dinner rewarding straight people and corporations for meeting the bare minimum of human decency. In *my* queer community, $200 is a month’s rent or a minimum student loan payment. $200 is two doses of my friend’s hormone therapy, or 1/3 of a cheap laptop to access vital resources and opportunities. It is twice what I spend on groceries in a month. 

My generation is so disappointed by mainstream gay rights, we can’t even care enough to be angry. There’s just no place for those of us who can’t buy a ticket.

Finally, I respect that [NAME REMOVED] is a non-profit, but you should also be aware that the majority of unpaid interns are young womenUnpaid internships are the gateway to wage gap and are wholly classist, no matter the experience or networking opportunities provided. This is New York Times’ editorial commentary, not just my feminist politics


Maddy Court 

P.S. are you aware that TD Bank finances fracking that poisons the groundwater of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world? Is Lex Luthor up for an award too? 

anonymous said:

But the worst is "You shouldn't care what other people think! Just come out!" Uh YEAH maybe I'm more worried about being beaten up and thrown out of my home, not just peoples ~opinions~

Hell yeah!!

The mainstream queer rights organisations are so profoundly detached from reality that I’m worried that they actually believe the worst thing queer people deal with are bad ~opinions~.

My problems with tumblr.

I think its worth mentioning that first of all, I don’t think I’ll be introducing any new ideas here but I felt kind of urged into converging my thoughts all in one spot. Secondly, I’m only sixteen, meaning I’ll probably be spewing absolute bullshit most of the time. Thirdly, I’m a white, straight, middle-class kid from London who suffers from no physical or mental conditions whatsoever. So here goes:

1: In order to discuss woman’s rights, gay rights, racial prejudice, fat shaming or anyother civil rights movement, you have to be part of those groups.

When Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ song “Same Love” became famous, it introduced the mainstream to ideas about gay rights in music. Even if you think “Same Love” is a corny song, you have to give it credit for being the first rap song to hit the mainstream that stands up for gay rights. As a hip-hop fan myself I felt it was a fresh change from the typical money, sluts, parties rap songs to hit the mainstream. I felt it talked about the topic quite well, talking about homophobia in a lot of rappers’ lyrics.

Of course, the song was not good enough for tumblr. As Macklemore wasn’t gay the lyrics should be completely discredited and he was simply just “exploiting gay people”. If only gay people can stand up for gay rights then gay rights aren’t going to go anywhere. Why? Because there are no gay people at the top. Its unfair, I know, but its true. You have to be  a feminist to discuss feminism, you have to be black or asian or hispanic to talk about racial prejudice etcetara etcetara.

2: You’re all the same, bland, unique snowflake

Nobody on tumblr is the typical, average person. Everyone is their own unique snowflake. 90% of people on tumblr are asian, feminist, wolfkin, genderly-ambiguous, size enabled people in their teens. What I’m saying is by being so unique through your lables your removing any kind of actual personality you might have and making your disability, size, race, gender sexuality etc your personality. And its kind of boring honestly. A lot of the times in films when there is a homosexual character the writer will make their sexuality their personality. So you’re basically doing to yourself what hollywood executives do to please the audience.

3: Cultural Appropriation is a steaming pile of elephant shit watch this shit.

People who believe in cultural appropration believe fun is offensive.

4: Political correctness does not equal correctness

The Adventures of Tintin, Herge’s classic comics from the 1950’s demonstrate a lot of negative attitudes towards black people and japanese people. Using blackface for afrcans in “Tintin in Congo” and having the stereotypical squinty eyes and buck teeth for a japanese businessman in “The Blue Lotus”. Should they be treated as a look at contemporary ideas in comics at the time, as well as fantastic stories about adventure? Yes. Or should they be banned for teaching kids unethical ideas about race?

A lot of Disney films aren’t exactly “politically correct” but you guys still seem to love them. I never felt the indians from Peter Pan were bad I thought they were cool and Disney didn’t teach me to be negative towards black people through the crows in Dumbo.

I always felt a lot of the politically correct terms tumblr makes up were sort of patronizing and very jarring.

5: Big words don’t help prove a point

This one isn’t exclusively for Tumblr but it deserves to be mentioned.

Remember the Friends episode where Joey is writing his vows for Chandler and Monica’s wedding? He feels his vows are too simple so uses Microsoft Word’s synonym function in order to make him sound more intelligent but ends up sucking all the heartfelt meaning out of his words. Well, this applies to tumblr.

6: People who say “I can’t even” or “literally”

Fuck off. Literally.

7: This website is the laughing stock of the entire internet.

Even deviantart thinks you’re a fucking joke tumblr. You stand up for all these unheard people but end up not really saying anything, or you are saying something but people stop reading because you start by saying “white, cis scum”. You think you’re doing so much for political activism but you aren’t. You’re overly pretensious, judgemental and you’re standing on a 20m tall horse. You aren’t charmigly righteous like Bob Marley or Public Enemy, you’re just kind of obnoxious.

If you would like to debate with my points, please try to actually discuss with me rather than just attack me.

anonymous said:

I get that the mainstream gay rights movement can be racist and transphobic sometimes, but some SJWs are becoming horribly homophobic.

Seriously. Like calling someone ‘a gay’ is wrong but when it’s ‘a white gay’, using gay as a noun is suddenly okay? Nope, it’s just homophobic.

-The Canadian One

found via queerandpresentdanger

It’s hard for us to believe what we’re hearing these days. Thousands are losing their homes, and gays want a day named after Harvey Milk. The U.S. military is continuing its path of destruction, and gays want to be allowed to fight. Cops are still killing unarmed black men and bashing queers, and gays want more policing. More and more Americans are suffering and dying because they can’t get decent health care, and gays want weddings. What happened to us? Where have our communities gone? Did gays really sell out that easily?       

         As young queer people raised in queer families and communities, we reject the liberal gay agenda that gives top priority to the fight for marriage equality. The queer families and communities we are proud to have been raised in are nothing like the ones transformed by marriage equality. This agenda fractures our communities, pits us against natural allies, supports unequal power structures, obscures urgent queer concerns, abandons struggle for mutual sustainability inside queer communities and disregards our awesomely fabulous queer history.  

Click the header link to read the full article.   

I highly recommend reading this.

Tyler Curry (the author): “Assuming that all white, cisgender gay men have the same experience is also quite problematic.”

This piece of shit article is trending on advocate right now. The commentary is even worse than the article (TW). And this dirtbag, Tyler Curry contacted me via twitter to promote this steaming pile of shit, then had the nerve to call me a conformist, because I told him that I do not agree with it - nor do I want anything to do with it.

…A conformist. Really?

It is cis white gay guys like these who have an active voice in the mainstream gay movement that help perpetuate these common myths and misconceptions that cause harm to other members within intersecting communities. To me, Curry is conforming to this very commonly held belief that he should be entitled to exercise his privileges and power without any acknowledgement or accountability. This article peddles to fellow cis white gay dudes with authority complexes and other cissues, and puts (most) everything that I dislike about the mainstream gay movement on display in one article. Bravo, Tyler.

RuPaul took to Twitter to further weigh in on his use of the t-word, and allegations that Logo is ‘distancing’ itself from the drag icon after recent comments.

LINK TW: t slur, transmisogyny, n word use, racism, racist imagery, gay slur, ableist language, sexist slur…