so since mainlining the entire netflix series at the weekend, i went back and finished vol 3, read end of days, read vol 4 up to date, and now i’m dling the bendis/maleev run. i am completely consumed. this ginger ninja asshole is gonna be the death of meeeee

I watch so little television these days (aside from mainlining the occasional series, like Daredevil) so why is it that every time I try to sit down and watch something, I get interrupted more often than the Prime Minister during PM Questions?

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Haha yeah I missed that because I mainlined the series this past Jan. Thank god. I like my corner of fandom. It is small but sane-ish.

You dodged a bullet. There’s a group of fans who swear on everything that is holy that Reese is in love with Finch, and that Carter was just a friend (they’ve also said some pretty distasteful things about her, as you can imagine). 

That’s part of why people are so happy about this quote from Caviezel.

Touhou Project Coming West Thanks to Playism

Touhou Project Coming West Thanks to Playism

Playism announced yesterday that they will be the official distributor for Touhou shoot ’em up games in Western regions, which was given a warm and excited reception from fans on their Twitter feed. Beginning with Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character, Playism hopes to bring over the entirety of the mainline series to Western fans. I asked Playism whether they would also be bringing over spin-off…

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Isn't there at least one series where Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane are good friends?

That would be the mainline 616 series. They were close friends before her death.