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maine/wash "Are you fucking kidding me?"

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Maine is not amused. He is the opposite of amused. Everyone is pinned down, taking fire, no one knows where Wash is, and Carolina’s yelling at York through the radio again, which is normally funny, but right now, it’s just annoying. And loud.

He doesn’t know where Wash is.

He swings out of cover, picks off the last of the guards in his sector, slings his battle rifle onto his back. He could really use a bigger gun. There’s still yelling on the channels from where North and South are taking out their section, where Carolina and York are either flirting, in some sort of weird foreplay ritual, or actually having trouble with their sector. Probably York’s fault. He lowers the volume. Carolina will call if she needs him, and he’s got a missing partner to find.

He surveys the empty and faintly smoking carpark, orders the HUD to find Wash’s signal, waits patiently while the system scans.

Wash’s armor signal is coming from under the crushed remains of a jeep.

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Stiles and Derek are as much love interests to Malia and Braeden as the other way around. Of course Derek hired Braeden. In every other scene with Braeden, she's been tracking people down. We met her finding Isaac and tracking the true alpha, Scott. She's been instrumental in moving plot along this season with her actions. Stiles has no storyline but to support or block Malia's progress this season. I ship Sterek like burning but your bias is making you blind.

Stiles and Derek have been in the show since episode one of season one, whereas Malia was introduced as a love interest, and Braeden was introduced to save Isaac, immediately killed off, and then brought back to be a love interest.

Do you actually expect anybody to believe you when you say that Stiles and Derek are love interests? My dear, acknowledge who the original main characters are. Malia is an extension of Stiles. Braeden is an extension of Derek. 

Braeden isn’t moving any plot along (probably because there’s no plot). But you could literally erase her from the entire show, and nothing would probably change. 

Malia has no progress, because she has no purpose. Stiles has no story-line, I agree. All he does is play kissy-lovey-dovey with Malia, and is played extremely OOC. 

This isn’t about shipping Sterek, you fucking idiot. Stop bringing Sterek into conversations that aren’t about Sterek. This is about how useless, and utterly irrelevant Malia and Braeden are. 

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If you're still taking prompts, "Are you flirting with me?" and maine+wash

Wash stares at the cupcake sitting in front of him. Looks at Maine. Who is currently halfway through what appears to be a pint of noodles, which is only the latest thing to be decimated in the warzone that is always Maine’s cafeteria tray. There’s only one spot empty. The one that held the cupcake now sitting in front of Wash. Wash stares.

"You’re sharing food with me," he says.

Maine grunts, keeps eating his noodles. Wash moves his hand slowly (always move slowly when Maine is eating. Especially when that motion can be conceived of as moving toward what had been clearly marked as Maine’s Food) toward the cupcake. His hand closes around the wrapper. Maine doesn’t even flinch, doesn’t move to take it back, but Wash does get the feeling he’s being watched carefully, however nonchalant Maine is acting.

He picks up the cupcake. Looks at Maine. Looks up at teh cupcake. It’s chocolate, vanilla icing. Just a plain old cupcake. Except it was on Maine’s tray, and for some reason, he’s given it to Wash. Which Maine Does Not Do.

"…Are you flirting with me?"

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Concerning the whole Malia-is-Peter's-Daughter thing (which is stupid and doesn't make any sense) what's the point of having that in the show if they have never had a scene together? I know your thoughts is that that is what makes her "special" but why do antis and pro-malia/stalia keep bringing it up? It has nothing to do with the show so they should let it go. If they keep having to make up reasons for liking her, then she's not a good character.

Malia/Stalia stans are angered over the massive amounts of hate both Malia and Stalia receive. Which, all the hate is completely justified, btw. Just look at what a terrible, waste of space character Malia is, and how utterly gross, rushed, and abusive Stalia is. 

In order to defend Malia, they have to act like being Peter’s long-lost daughter is her main purpose. As if that’s her most important quality in regards to the show. That’s why they constantly bring it up, but they already know that she’s only in the show to bang Stiles. 

The Free! For All Network!

A Free! network for everyone who loves free and wants to talk about it with a bunch of other people.

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I felt like making a network, and it seemed that all the Free! Networks were either closed or about just one specific character, so this came along!

And this way, we can all make some more friends! Be prepared for video chats and movie nights, and all other kinds of things like that.


1. No ship or character hating! If you see anyone doing this, talk to the main admin and I will talk with them privately! It’s a supportive area, after all. 

2. (Optional, but recommended) You have to be willing to give me your skype, most of the Networks activities will be going on in skype.

3. (Optional, but recommended) You have to follow the Free! For All Network. It posts the weekly prompts, and just general updates about what’s going on. 

4. You have to love Free! But, hopefully you knew that. 

5. Reblog/Like this post! Reblogging makes it easier for more people to join us, but if you really don’t want the post on your blog, likes work too.

Fill out the application, and you will soon be accepted! (most likely)

And thats really it! Come join us and have lots of fun!


Dear Homestuck fandom,

I present to you the first completed Imperial Drone cosplay.

I wanted to put more time into it, but I work 6 days a week, 58 hours, and literally finished this 20 minutes before I went to the con. I plan on fixing it up for Alternicon so holla

Also yall should totes reblog the hell out of this so Hussie can see someone finally frickin cosplayed a Drone