Yesterday I did something different.

You know, I’m not a snob, and it’s nothing personal, but I usually prefer not to hang out around upper class people or worse, people who are 100% bougie. I’m more at home with my fellow low class/no class people. (Which I know is odd since my job exists of spending all day around old rich people, wining and dining them and making sure they continue to support the museum.)

But some of you make know that the man who founded our choir is being moved to Cleveland, so we had a going away party. In Merion. In the Main Line. It was at this place called the Merion Tribute House, which is basically a stone castle, set away form the road on a heavily manicured property. There were hors d’oeuvres (Including to my supreme surprise, vegan options!) And a trio of harp,flute, and cello playing classical music. (I can get with that, you guys already know that.)  

There was a bar, but of course, I don’t drink. Luckily, there wasn’t any pressure to. My friend who I went with introduced me to a couple of his friends, some of whom I vaguely knew from other places, and the conversations, I’ve never talked about so many things. I have usually stereotyped people from the Main Line as vapid, uninspiring, and very light on anything of worth. Open minds that haven’t yet clamped down on something solid. But this was different. I spoke with a guy my age about the symphonies of C.M. Widor, spoke with a much older lady about vegan cooking, and most astoundingly, my watch helped me find a guy at Villanova who’s into hardcore. 

I have another one of these Tuesday night, hope it goes just as as well. I’m sure that whenever the pictures come out, you’ll all be happy to see me in a dress shirt, slacks, tie and blazer.