The Avengers have all taken to quizing Steve and Bucky on various cultural refrences they have missed, to the point where if any refrence is made, they will all turn and look expectantly at the two, waiting for one to identify the refrence.Bucky and Steve have turned this into an intense competition. Sam keeps score and Natasha moderates. Thor is confused.

Natasha has never been a fan of tattoos, but only Clint knows why. If you carefully look behind her right ear, there is a faded, red square. She was branded at the age of seven when she was chosen as one of ten girls to continue the black widow programming. She not only hates that she was marked unwillingly, but that it’s a constant reminder of how she was the only survivor of the group she attended the Widow program with. 

The program started with 150 girls.


death note meme: [6/7] favorite scenes→ Kira vs N & M
L, do you have a plan? You can’t seriously think it’s alright if the notebook ends up in the hands of a stranger…