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Woa talking to the internet scares me„ but lets go :0

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My Answers:

1. Favorite beverage?

Fanta!! o.o wow I love Fanta - the Orange one! - Fanta makes my day man

2. Warrior, Mage or Rouge?

Mage. Always Mage.
Because Magic. *・ ~(‾⌣‾~) 

3. Favorite Video Game or Book? Why?

I prefer books ಠ_ಠ  and there are too many to choose just one..

I will name The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell for my childhood.  Of this series Midnight Over Sanctaphrax was my favourite.

These books were the fuel for my imagination and are what got me into getting serious about drawing for a living and finding my own sort of style.  

Have you seen Chris Riddle’s art?


Dat crosshatching. unff…



For a long long time I wanted to live in this universe as a slaughterer. ^^^ They are the friendliest, most welcoming folk ever (and A+ for the awesome hair!) … ahh nostalgia

4. Favorite game system?

Ironically I’m studying game design and don’t play many games (‘-’ ) ..ye
Though Computers and PS3 work fine for me.

5. Who is your favorite character, why and what are they from?

Only one? :<
I have way too many favourites , but i choose Arya Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin


Cause she is the toughest and bravest character out of them all.  She tells it straight, she’s loyal to her friends and has endured the most horrific situations. The brutal way that she’s had to grow up before her time and stay alive is insane - I keep forgetting she’s only about 10! D:  I adore and respect her so much - always on edge reading her chapters, hoping Mr Martin keeps her alive..

6. Have you ever watched a sports anime and if you have, which one?

I’ve seen like one episode of Free, if that counts? :o

7. Favorite starter Pokemon?

Charmander always„  Unless there’s a Mudkip :3

8. Cats or Dogs?

Cats (◡‿◡*)❤

9. What is your NOTP?

Why is there a Hannibal LecterXWill Graham ship?? D: I dont understand!! Someone explain this to me? Someone save Will :( 

10. What about your OTP?

GamzeeXTavros my pbj  ♥ ლ(´∀`ლ)

Drawing them allows me to feel like everything will be okay

11. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and

Shapeshifting/Stretchiness - but being able to turn into anything

- like extend my butt and turn it into a comfy chair whenever i need one
- Shapeshift into a massive bird and travel
- Turn into a human sized pufferfish when people try and rob me cause really im sick of getting robbed..

My Questions

  1. Are you nervous about asking things on tumblr? Cuz I sure am D:

  2. Do you have a favourite/most inspiring artist? Who are they and why? (examples would be excellent)

  3. If you could go anywhere - literally anywhere - where would you go?

  4. Whats the One Question you would ask an oracle?

  5. Zombie Apocalypse weapon of choice?

  6. If your favourite character started working with / going to the same school as / travelling the same way as you, would you try and befriend them? Who are they and what would you do?

  7. Got any tattoos? If not, would you ever want one?

  8. Which Pokemon are you? :3

  9. One thing you would legalize everywhere?

  10. What’s your starsign?

  11. Summer or Winter?

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