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anonymous said:

Good evening Miss. Theres a question thats been bothering me since the begining of my anime time. In Japan does the school uniforms for girls is strictly only skirts or they can wear trousers too?? Bc I never ever in anime havent see a girl in trousers for school uniform.(exscept high school host club (thats another case)) I dont know any japanese people to ask sooo I thought that you, quite-japanese-also-anime-knowlege-awesome-human, might know... Have beautiful evening.. :)

♥(ノ´∀`) Japanese uniforms for girls only have skirts. And it’s really great, their design is nicely done, and they’re a good length too, right above the knee.

But funny thing is, some girls either have a different skirt to wear with friends after school or pull their skirts really high up, like:


That’s not her school look, I guarantee you that. Point is, it’s easy to customize and their uniforms can go from “precious school girl” to “queen of the night” just by adjusting the skirt.

damerosetylerstardis said:

Hi, I was wondering if you knew of any pro-River blogs? Because I see a lot of pro-Amy and/or pro-Clara bloggers but very few that actively love River.

There’s loads of people who love River. Here, have a couple…

This is woefully incomplete, but I guess it’s plenty of people… Charina’s blogroll will have more, I assume.

ibiteyou said:

The number one sign of ignorance is the basic lack in understanding ethics. I guess that's why racist whites have such small IQ levels. Please name one intelligent racist. Ill be waiting.

One?  Here, have eight.

anonymous said:

I find Hisoka x Gon incredibly hot. I'm a little ashamed of myself.

*cough* Check this out.

HisoGon is very popular, don’t worry. I adore it too, have read and reblogged a lot of R-18/fluff/violent material with them. I also love HisoKil, wish it was more popular since Hisoka first had his eyes on Killua.

anonymous said:

The most important thing is that [there is] an extraordinary creative response to Doctor Who that is almost unique to Doctor Who, and that's all we should look at."It has turned people into actors, it has turned people into writers, it has turned people into scientists. That's an extraordinary thing. And that title sequence which I'm so proud of is a result. "That's online Doctor Who. That's the real part of it, that's the real story - a quote from Moffat that I found quite lovely