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If you died, how would it affect others? Your followers? Your family? Your friends? I don't know you that much, but I'm a follower. Personally, I lost two good friends because one couldn't take it anymore and another died in a car crash last year. If you died, you would be six feet underground, in a coffin, and your loved ones devasted. So please, reach out for help before you hurt not only yourself, but others around you, because you are more worth it than you think you are. PS: Saihill forever

please don’t say things like this. i understand you are trying to help and your intentions are good ones, but these things only make people who are suicidal feel worse. because we do think about these things a lot. and then we feel guilty for being so selfish, and this guilt transfers into wanting to kill themselves more because they feel they are terrible feeling. now don’t worry, because i don’t feel worse, i’m pretty numb right now so nothing can really get to me. you haven’t hurt me by saying these things today (however they could’ve really hurt me if my mood was a different one). i am not angry at you, i just wanted to let you know for future reference okay? please don’t say these things to people who are suicidal. thank you so much for trying so hard to help me it really makes me feel loved.

Where do I live? Do I live at an address? Do I live at a place? Or do I live in a time? How does one assign an address to a point in time? I remember, as a kid, playing in a puddle that looked an awful lot like this one, in this same ditch. This is the same spot, but my life has completely changed. It’s hard to put an address on a time. We go so many places and experience so many things, if we tried to address them all we would go crazy. So sometimes I don’t worry, and I just see it as all the same time and place. I just remember when I played in this puddle. And instead of taking my photo and walking off, I went and stepped in the water. Thinking of how many times I had done just that, and how many times I will do it again. Addresses? The only thing they’re good for is mail, not memories.

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It is, but imagine Bucky never touching anything dangerous when Steve is in the room. He won't cook with Steve in the room, he'll eat fruit or something if there is any, and it take Steve forever to notice. He won't shave if Steve is cleaning up in the mirror next to him. Steve doesn't notice that one right away either, assumes its a space thing. He doesn't even realize that Bucky won't clean his guns or polish his knives in front of Steve. Only Steve. Not until the day they come home (1/2)

from a mission and do dinner. It was a bad one, and the team sticks around for a while, but eventually they leave. Steve shuts the door and sees Bucky slip a gun he didn’t know he had from his pants and leave it on the table. Steve finally asks why and Bucky looks confused, tells him that he’s NEVER armed with his handler, only if there’s a possible threat. All the possible threats were gone now. Now its just him, and Steve is safe from him. He doesn’t understand why Steve’s face crumples. 2/2


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not here to fight, but why hufflepuff for bucky? genuinely curious :)

BOY DID YOU JUST OPEN A BIG OL’ CAN OF WORMS.  For the record, I’m addressing mostly MCU Bucky.

Common Hufflepuff traits:

  • Dedication/Loyalty
  • Hard Work/”Unafraid of Toil”
  • Fair play
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Tolerance

So, James Buchanan Barnes.  Bucky.  The Winter Soldier.  Let’s talk about Bucky Barnes and what a massive Hufflepuff he is by going through this list blow by blow.

But, TLDR, Bucky is a Hufflepuff because of Steve.

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