it feels like forever ago since I drew this so I don’t know if I should be putting it up or not but I guess it’ll be up here for now
yuj invited me to draw a guest postcard for her anthology with a bunch of other cool artists, before, after, & in between, which was funded a few months ago!
these character’s are monica’s, kay’s, and mai’s, and hopefully you’ll be able to recognize them for those of you with the pdf of the anthology

a preview of everyone else’s postcards that are really nice sighs wistfully

oh hey i’m actually doing one of these for once

tagged by kangaroodle

Name: Sarah
Nickname: thoodleoo
Birthday: April 6
Sun Sign: Aries
Gender: Female
Height: 5′7′’ ish
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Romantic Orientation: biromantic
Favourite Colour: royal purple or electric blue
Time & Date at the moment: 22:02:05 4-12-2015
Average hours of sleep: usually around 5-6
Lucky Number: uhhh idk i don’t have one
Last Thing I Googled: “maikne” (i was looking for something maecenas related, as usual)
First word that comes to mind: needle
One place that makes you happy: a bookstore
How many blankets do I sleep with: one
Favourite Fictional Character: don’t make me do this
Favourite Musician/Band: idk i’ve been listening to The National a lot recently
Last Movie that I saw in theaters: idek, i haven’t been to a theater in many months
Dream Job: Latin teacher
Wearing Right Now: my work pants and a t-shirt
Last Book that I Read: Latin Poetry: The New Poets & the Augustans

i tag no one bc i am a lazy bum, but feel free to do it if you’d like