kasuria asked:

Do you think Autumn's friends tease her if she's ever broken out her maid outfit in the bedroom


They like fucking ask Autumn if she’s even broken it out and if they’ve ever roll played, and if she did all the Maid Cafe-isms “welcome home, at your service, etc” and Autumn is SO distraught .

Summer: Autumn im like so jealous of you
Autumn: Umm why?
Spring: Because we have so many customers to lend our services to, while you only have one.
*both Spring and Summer laugh*
Autumn: *face grows red*…EXCUSE ME????

And they probably try to “subtly” infer it around Brock, who’s thankfully to dense to pick up what they’re trying to say.

Spring: So…has our sister been….servicing you well?
Brock: Umm….yeah she’s been a great hand to have around
Autumn: *holds tongue and tries not to scream*


Thanks to everyone who allowed me to take pictures with them. You all were so sweet. If your picture is here let me know and I’ll tag you!

shachaai asked:

Has anyone mentioned the Horitsuba/Holitsuba Gakuen drama CDs (and short manga chapters) to you yet? They're a Tsubasa & Holic crossover canon school AU. Although there are serious spoilers after a few of them for TRC, there's one with a maid café where Fai is DEAD SET on wearing a maid outfit. With Kurogane. Kuro-sensei is less than pleased.

Yes! This has been mentioned with a lot of enthusiasm and I’m VERY much looking forward to the Horitsuba AU. It sounds absolutely amazing.