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Hey hey!! I got a request for you!!!!! "Crashed the wrong wedding and now the maid of honor/best man is on my ass but he/she is kinda hot so...." This would be a funny one for Gajevy but I really don't care. Feel free o choose! (Lol lots of requests lately :P)

Yesssss! Okay I’m actually going to go with Nalu for this one because they were the first couple that popped into my head with this au XD (hope you don’t mind!)

Fancy Clothes and Bad First Impressions (Nalu drabble: modern au)

Natsu slid into the reception hall, grinning as he imagined the look on Laxus’ face when he saw him there.

He’d been invited to the wedding of course, but unfortunately had to refuse due to his work schedule. However, things had cleared up last minute and so he’d decided to surprise his friend by crashing the wedding anyway.

Dressed in a white shirt, charcoal gray vest and a pair of dark jeans, he was dressed a little more casually than fitted a wedding, but the whole point of crashing a wedding was to not fit in, wasn’t it? He didn’t like dressing up much anyway.

His eyes scanned the crowd milling about, brows slowly sinking lower and lower as he failed to recognize anyone. Maybe he was in the wrong place?

A quick check on the invitation told him he definitely had the right place. So where were all the familiar faces of his friends?

“Hey, you!” 

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