Last weekend, my friend, Hope, and I checked out Collective Espresso in OTR. It was a very cool little coffee shop with *delicious* espresso. If there were a couple tables around, I would happily spend a few afternoons reading there. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to grab my espresso and hit the stores in the neighborhood! :-)

Hope your week is appropriately caffeinated!



For the last couple weeks, I’ve been craving this amazing Curried Coconut Chicken that Pat’s mom made for us a while back. After helping myself to two… or three… servings, I knew it would be unacceptable to keep going, so I limited myself to spooning the sauce pretty much directly into my mouth from the pan…. at the dinner table… while everyone else was still sitting there. I have no shame. This stuff is SO good. 

The only modification I made was a significant one. The recipe calls for chicken breast but we prefer dark meat chicken & we simply didn’t have anything else around, so we substituted chicken thighs. In the spirit of the Fell household, we served with a side of green beans. I really like them quickly blistered on high heat on the stove, with some sea salt sprinkled at the very end, so that’s how I made them.

We love our Indian food, and love the versatility of this recipe. Next on the list… tried and true chicken tikka masala. Yummm!




I’ve been hearing people talk about making eggs with heavy cream. I’ve never had a bad heavy cream experience and am sure this would make for fluffy and creamy scrambled eggs. I totally intended to make them this way the other day, but the eggs just looked so perfect in their whole un-scrambled state, I couldn’t bring myself to mess that all up.

So I just splashed a little heavy cream on my eggs while they were on their way to becoming eggs over easy. Remember my rant on the loveliness that is brown butter? Well guess what happened to that splash of heavy cream when it hung out in a hot pan for a couple minutes? Brown butter heaven. 

I still need to try the scrambled version. That being said, this experiment gone wrong brought me richer and creamier over-easy eggs. Yumm! Try it. In fact, think about incorporating heavy cream in whatever you’re making today. I feel like it’d be hard to go wrong. :-)

Hope you’re having a wonderfully short week!



My sister, Rodi, has been taking cooking and baking classes and, lucky for me, French macarons are her newest specialty.

So, today we got to have a tea party with homemade macarons… After coming back from our massages. It’s been a tough day. :-) Merry Christmas to me!!

Here’s a play by play of the process. We (i.e. Rodi) made 4 kinds: pistachio, lavender, raspberry, and nutella. They were all delicious but the lavender was my faaavorite! Not pictured is the agonizing day of waiting we were made to endure to optimize the taste of these babies. It was totally worth it!!

Holiday Sweets :-)

Hi there,

To anyone who has spoken with me for more than 10 minutes, it’s obvious that I am very interested in all things food & sweets related. So, this December, as is custom, I’ve overdosed on the sweets (& other delicious things).

I’ve been fortunate to experience a variety of sugar-coma inducing wonders. Below is the box of Indian sweets I received from my dear friend, Swati. (Delivered personally especially for me from India!!) Thank you, Swati!


Here’s an up-close image of a strawberry I had… filled with some sort of nutty & sugary paste. It’s beautiful AND tasty!




Have you ever had one of these babies? I definitely hadn’t. It’s disappointing that Indian restaurants in the US don’t often offer a wide / delicious array of desserts. I like sweet rice pudding as well as anyone, but where have all these colorful, fruity, sweet bites been hiding all my life??

Note to self: go to India.



Last week was a little crazy, having just come back from a full week with my family in TN, celebrating the new year with new friends (& staying up on a school night!), spending some quality time at the office, a surprise birthday party for our friend, Joe, & cleaning up the house (not pictured above). It was a fantastic & exhausting week. It has been a great start to 2013! :-)

I hope the new year has started off well for you! What are you looking forward to most this year?


TONIGHT’S SNACK… … Of choice consists (of an entire bag!!) of seaweed chips. And boy are these good! I am pretty sure that the ladies working the food section of the Hyundai department store have figured out how to make seaweed: - delicious - super crunchy - semi sweet but of course still salty “at heart” - absolutely unhealthy For that, I am forever grateful to them. And, to Mr. Park, who introduced me to this whole other world of food! What are you snacking on tonight?



This week & likely the couple weeks coming up, Pat and I have a lot going on at work. Leftovers and easy meals are our friends. :-) Here is one of our favorites - sautéed pork chops with a side of wilted spinach. I like to use a dry rub of bunch of thyme, some rosemary, and black pepper and let the pork marinade like that while I’m getting the rest ready. (I only add salt once I’m about to put the meat in the pan because I’m a little paranoid about drying it out… More on that in the next sentence.) Oh and be VERY generous with the amount of grease you use - pork is lean! We’ve been using out cast iron skillet & typically use a mix of butter and high smoke point oil. I’m trying hard to like spinach. Here I sautéed some whole (smashed) garlic coves in the EVOO to flavor it, discarded the garlic, caramelized the pearl onions, & added the bunch of spinach for as little time as possible which would still allow me to call it “cooked.” Used a little salt and, when serving, a good amount of black pepper & a sprinkle of shredded Parmigiano Reggiano. I’ve also been draining our spinach directly before serving for better presentation.

What are your weeknight go-to’s? What about weekend ones? Hope yours is going well! As I’m writing this I’m laying in bed in Seattle (yay jet lag!) - surely Seattle food pictures will shortly follow. :-)

I can’t say I’m typically a fan of big chain restaurants. But, we went to Mitchell's for a work dinner last night & this little strawberry shortcake was pretty tasty… Complete with heavy whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Together with eclairs, Georgetown Cupcake red velvet cupcakes, & Ladurée French macarons, strawberry shortcake is at the top of the list of all-time favorite desserts. What’s your favorite?


… From Brazil!
Pat and I are taking some R&R on the many beaches of Rio! Sadly for us, of the 5 days we have been here, it has rained pretty much non-stop for 3.5. :-/
On another sad note, no can post pictures to the blog using my phone, hard as I have tried. So, I’m forced to take a blog-vacation as well. :-/
Hope everyone’s week is going well!