I didn't know until now that they formed a clique.
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How would you translate the names of the Four Angelic Knights of Silesse? (I translated them as Fury, Manya, Pamela and Dithorba but I want to know your opinion on the matter as well.)

I just got this question but it looks like so much fun.

Pamela (パメラ): I think Pamela is pretty indisputable. It’s completely faithful to the kana and is a sensible English name. (Are there people who argue about Pamela…?)

Fury (フュリー): I haven’t seen people argue about her either and I’d just go with Fury because it’s serviceable and everyone uses it. There *is* apparently a little yellow flower that grows in the Himalayas called Fyuli (which I think is kind of a cute coincidence given the landscape of Silesia) if you feel like rocking the boat, but considering that’s an Indian word and Jugdral is Celtic/Norse, I wouldn’t bother. Besides, “Fury” is  pronounced with a -yu glide anyway so that isn’t even an improvement.

Manya (マーニャ): There’s nothing wrong with Manya and I have no strong opinions about the name, but I do prefer Mahnya because Manya looks sort of like it’s read “man-ya” whereas Mahnya seems to suggest “ma-nya” (and is more likely to get the right “a” sound, too).

Dithorba (ディートバ): Having not been actively in the loop about new ways to name Jugdral characters, this one caught me by surprise. I like it. It’s infinitely more graceful than Deetvar, Deet'va, etc. Unfortunately the mythological reference is so obscure that I can’t seem to verify how it’s pronounced, but some guess and check seems to confirm my guess that Dithorba’s official Japanese kana is ディトーバ, making this yet another case of Kaga screwing around with vague misspelled references (see: not!Valhalla). So I wouldn’t feel obliged to use the reference like I would with Myrddin, but I’d be more than happy to accept it as “a lot better than Deety and variations thereof.” I guess if you wanted to get creative for no particular reason, you could toss out Dithoba or Dythoba or Diethoba as some kind of English analogue to that kana difference. I can’t think of any way to emphasize the stress on the first syllable other than spelling the vowel with multiple letters and hoping that does something.

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Thanks. :)

Character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

Ship with: The easy (obvious?) option: Fury. Since they are a canon pairing, it’s pretty easy to find fan arts. They also kinda fit the “Lord/Pegasus Knight” archetype, and yet, I really appreciate that. Their childhood flashbacks in the Oosawa manga were also responsible for making me like them.
And Holsety!Sety, please.

Favorite friendship: Actually, I didn’t really notice some friendships with Levin? There’s Mahnya, Sylvia, and Fury, but they are special friendships since he flirted with all of them. There’s also Sigurd, but they sound more like allies than friends to me. Then… Go for Fury, again.

General opinions: As a prince who flees his kingdom in the name of his people because he knows he won’t succeed in protecting them, Levin is a great character. He really cares about people’s suffering, and his character is here to bring a different POV about the war (see his first conversation with Sigurd). He’s also a green haired wind magic user (lol) so I’m kinda biased haha.

Still, I’m just talking about young Levin here, because I didn’t really like the older Levin. Too cold, too serious, rude with his kids, and not really himself since he’s possessed by Holsety.