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Bonjour! Hello! Hola!

Good to see you! You may be wondering, what the heck is this for? Or maybe something more along the lines of, WTF?! But before you go off to your corner of the internet let me explain to you a little bit about us.

We are a magazine featuring every branch of art we can fit into a hearty issue. That includes writing, painting, sculpting, drawing, photography, poetry, and knitting, to name a few. That’s why we have chosen the Octopus to represent us with its abundant, sinewy limbs.

Our first issue is set to be released in fall, and we will be featuring Halloween themed stories along with everything else. Once released, it will be available in PDF form or in hardcopy. Now, I ask that you submit some of your work to be showcased. We are looking for Halloween themed features along with writer/artist help, general themed works, and odd things for artists to share. Keep in mind you will not be paid for your work only given proper recognition.

Submit Via Email: by July 31st, 2011.

The Editors
{Natalie, Rachael & Giselle}

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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday too!


We are looking for writer’s to fill our four vacant day positions. Your duties will include writing an ORIGINAL post about art, literature, writing etc and posting it on our blogger, and tumblr accounts by noon your local time. 

Other positions available!

  • Prompt writer. You will be responsible to post a five creative writing/art prompts (or queue by Sunday night to post MON-FRI.)
  • Muse Juice Mondays! Every Monday you will post a photo/story of some sort that you find might inspire our readers. (on tumblr reblogs are fine, just remove any and all conversational writings, and title it Muse Juice Monday.)

All positions are on a volunteer basis. Once the site is up and running at a healthy pace, if you work to our liking we will be glad to offer you a paid position. 

You never know what Le Octopus might become. Jump on the ship now before it’s too late. 


We Are Looking for You!

We are looking for writers who can join the team, and write one day out of the week. Available days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Please email us at, if you are interested. 

Duties include, but are not limited to writing an interesting post once a week, and posting it to the blogger and tumblr accounts. These are not paid positions. 

Hope all is well. 

Deadline Reminder

I’d like to remind you that the deadline for first time submissions is June 30, 2011. Please keep that in mind.

By first time submissions we mean first time reads of your work. All those that have submitted beforehand will be getting their edited works back on that date.

Please submit!

Blog Submissions!

Hello there Reader!

You are now able to submit to Le Octo via this link or the “!!” bubble in our navigation.

Submit advice, writing prompts and such to our readers. All submissions will be moderated, of course, so keep it as clean as your artistic soul will let you.

We hope to see your submissions soon.

PS: These submissions are for the blog not for the magazine. Magazine submissions are accepted via

Hello there dear Reader!

We have a few things to tell you about.

  • As most of you know we have a facebook page. Here’s something you might not know though. We will be selecting one reader from that page to receive a free hard copy of the magazine. The winner will be announced a week before the magazine’s release date. 
  • You are now able to read the MagTeam’s blurbs, and updates by clicking thislink or clicking ‘MagTeam' in the navigation. 
  • The face of Le Octo has been changing a lot lately, and many links might not be working, or just not present. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Drop us an ask if you have any suggestions regarding the look&feel of the page.
  • This coming week will be a very busy week, as many things will be introduced. Keep a look out, and make sure to be an active reader by commenting, promoting, and such.

We hope all is well.


Keep promoting us! Please?

The more followers, the more we sell, the more exposure you will get as a contributor! Come on! Keep re-blogging, linking, and spreading us like an STD…okay maybe more like a wildfire! Shit, one of our editors lives in California, never mind. Hmmmmm! 

Describe us in a few short words, below! 

Bad/Good News from Le Octopus MAGTEAM

To All Those Who Read Our Site, 

We were planning on publishing a magazine early in October, but this is no longer a possibility. We have found ourselves with too little entries to make a magazine worth making. We will continue on with the Le Octopus Blog, and pursue this goal in the near future, once our reader base expands.

We will however publish a small “magazine-type-thing” featuring all of those who submitted. It won’t be as professional, and epic, but all good things start small. Right?

We are sorry if we have disappointed you. Believe us, we tried our hardest to make it work.

We love, and appreciate you all. 

Hey Guys! We have a few Updates.

We hope your week is going swell. 

  • Blogger! A blogger edition of this project will be opening up on July 1st, 2011. If you have a blogger account and would like to write for the blog please get in contact with Giselle via email The Tumblr community will be alive, and well, if our Tumblr readers decide to keep it that way. 
  • Lock-In Notices! If you submitted early on in this project’s life you will receive a lock-in notice on June 30th, 2011. For all others please submit by that date to receive your lock-in notice on July 29, 2011.

Only 9 more days! :D 

We look forward to getting your submissions!

Muse Juice Mondays!!!

Happy Monday…I think.

As most of us would agree, Mondays are a bit of an off day. It’s the start of a new work/school week, and Friday night is at it’s farthest point. Oh, the horror. 

Muse Juice Mondays is a dose of…well… muse juice. Things that will get you going, inspire, or make you think. All entries for Muse Juice Mondays should be in by Sunday night, or they will be posted the following week. There is no limit on how many can be posted on any given Monday, so don’t be afraid to submit.  And please do, you are what will keep this going. Our editors have their voices, and we need you to help us keep the daily feed FRESH and DIVERSE! 

Tune in next week for our very first Muse Juice Monday! And don’t forget to SUBMIT!

We Hope All is Well

The MagTeam