i started daredevil! i like it!

here is my initial reaction which i texted to magnoliid;

“im on the episode where foggy discovers his identity and I’ve never found matt murdock hotter than when he’s all banged up and crying in sweats and thick socks.

you’re right though this show has a serious woman problem and lack of Rosario problem. like why does all the proof of the bad guys’ evil have to be laid out on women’s bodies all the time? chill the fuck out. kidnap foggy or something once in awhile damn.

also hells kitchen CANNOT be this white irl. I refuse to believe it.

things I know will not happen but I wish would:

I love foggy and Karen individually and also being friends & I hope they share tender kisses in the moonlight while Claire and matt spend all their time not spent banging curled chastely around one another in mutually comforting closeness. I hope santino goes to a trade school. I hope wilson Fisk goes to therapy and vanessa becomes the stylish kingpin she is clearly meant to be.

i hope foggy and matt get a flashback to the time they got drunk in college & made out all night with their hands on each other’s dicks and that’s why they’re so no homo bromance about each other now, bc of a yearning to do it again someday.

I also hope they never do another episode like episode 8 because I went into it blind and as soon as wilsons father took off his belt, I had to pause and stop watching for awhile.”

no joke on that last part. i teared up involuntarily and had to put my unicorn pillow in my mouth so id stop hyperventilating. i’m a former abused child (and very familiar with what a work belt feels like and sounds like) and the careful extended sound editing on the blows & mama fisk screaming was fucking gratuitous.

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mama loi, papa loi by exuma

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john wick and the raid: redemption

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daredevil, farscape, and from dusk till dawn: the series

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keanu reeves, rosario dawson, my little sister mizzzvampire (sup brittany!!), and my rat elsa, who is a people

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yellow rice and black beans, pork cheek, pizza with sausage onions extra cheese, spinach, watermelon

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