FGI's Rising Star Awards Unites the Sustainable Fashion Community

Yesterday, Fashion Group International’s (sold out) 17th annual Rising Star Awards honored 17 of the top outstanding designers in 8 different fields.

Held at Cipriani at 42nd Street, the midday venue served as a back drop for some of fashion’s biggest names in the business.

While guests feverishly chatted up the room pre and post-awards, they were also there to celebrate the accomplishments of emerging talents in the following categories: Accessories, Home/Interior Design, Beauty Corporate, Beauty Entrepreneur; Fine Jewelry, Men’s Apparel, Women’s Apparel, Retail, and Business Innovation.

(From left to right: Magnifeco’s Kate Black, GreenShows CEO Harvey Russack, Thread Documentary producer and Ecopreneur, Marci Zaroff, Conscious Living TV’s Bianca Alexander, Pure Thread’s Jill Heller, Kaight owner, Kate MacGregor)

The event also served to unite many in the sustainable fashion community in New York with some of The GreenShows former runway designers including Tara St James and Suzanne Rae, sustainable commerce superstars Modavanti, Jill Heller of Pure Thread and Kate MacGregor of Kaight, fashion media including Conscious Living TV’s Bianca and Michael Alexander who made the trek up from D.C., Emma Grady, Kate Black of Magnifeco and Alden Wicker of EcoCult as well as notable noses including Thread documentary producer and ecopreneur Marci Zaroff, State PR, sustainable designers from Vaute Couture, Daniel Silverstein, Titania Inglis and more.

(From left to right: Manufacture NY’s Bob Bland, EcoCult’s Alden Wicker, Vaute Couture designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, fashion writer Emma Grady)

In fact The GreenShows was able to coordinate the attendance of 33 sustainable fashion movers and shakers that have helped evolve and shape the consciousness of an ever-evolving, progressive fashion community.

We were proud to be part of that community.

Check out our shots from the luncheon of some of our favorite sustainable fashion leaders!

The sustainable fashion dream team!

Modavanti’s Davd Dietz and Jesse Ayala, Jr.

Harvey Russack, Kristina Ratliff (StatePR), and designer Suzanne Rae

Pure Thread’s Jill Heller, Marci Zaroff, FGI President Margaret Hayes, Harvey Russack

Peter Farkas, Esq., Harvey Russack and Peter Fields, Esq.

Marci Zaroff and Conscious Living TV’s Bianca Alexander

The GreenShows VP of Development Tim Woodcock and Peter Fields Esq.

Ryan Urcia (StatePR) and designer Titania Inglis

Magnifeco’s Kate Black and sustainable architect and founder of Earth Pledge, Leslie Hoffman

You Are What You Wear

Kate Black, of Magnifeco, discusses revolutionary dressing- no, not robe à l’anglaise or brocade shoes, but "Fashion Revolution" day, on Huffington Post. To mark the one year anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza, a public discussion of where our clothes come from will be moderated through a campaign that asks people to wear their clothing inside out. “Who are you wearing?”, a question usually asked of celebrities on red carpets, will be asked of all participants- will you be proud of what you wear? Will your ethics be reflected in the “Made in …” or “Made of … ” labels on your jeans and blouses? If you’re not sure, see Kate’s recommendations for easily making your wardrobe line up with your ethics and this approachable guideline on The Tiny Twig. 

Looking forward to seeing your tags!

AFG hosts the Fashion talk at EcoSessions: Made in Africa (NYC) - JUNE 2nd

AFG hosts the Fashion talk at EcoSessions: Made in Africa (NYC) – JUNE 2nd

EcoSessions have two goals – one to build community and share stories within the design industry and the other to educate consumers through storytelling. For this event, the esteemed panelists will talk about the benefits and challenges of producing in Africa in three arenas: beauty, accessories and fashion

FIT’s Enterprise Center and the Sustainable Design Entrepreneur’s Certificate Program…

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Getting BARE with Jess

Fresh from LA Market Week, we couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come! Summer will be one fun season. Think eco-linen, scarves that give back, and the perfect summer dress for that wedding you’re attending! 

We can’t move forward though without looking back, so here’s some of the amazing buzz from the week:

We were Magnifeco’s Boutique of the Week. Magnifeco is a daily eco fashion blog that holds to our standards, they don’t leave fashion at the back door to live ethically. Kate Black,editor, is a Covet enthusiast so we couldn’t be more honored to be one of her picks!

We were blown away by this one. Chip Foster, yes the Chip of Chip + Pepper and Pray for Mother Nature, called US, little tiny us, one of his “favorite denim shops”. See the interview for yourself!

Lastly, Jessica was interview by Berkeley’s own BARE Magazine. You may find some insider details in the interview you couldn’t find elsewhere, she bared it all!

Happy Weekend! Xoxo