First of All thank you, your one of the first people that sent me one of these. Secondly please don’t get mad on what my muse will say about your blog okay?


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"Well the only thing I can say is ‘beautiful’ it’s magnificent, it’s wonderful, it’s gorgeous. I am completely speechless there’s nothin’ wrong about it~ In my opinion anyway. I especially like the mouse/the cursor it’s really… original? But everything else I love. Actually I kinda sound like my master. Maybe I should be a little harsher… hmm…. But anyway I LOVE IT~”

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Most of what I post:




-Steamed punks (Yes, I’m cruel to punks, PETA be damned, they’re a food source, not pets and definitely not musicians.)

-Graphic design

-Webcomics (of my own device, I never ever finish a series. :/)

-4koma humor/random brainfart comics (done in MSPaint, naturally)

Fandoms I belong to:

Battle Angel Alita

Soul Eater

Baka and Test

Sword Art Online 1, 2

Madoka Magica (but ONLY because dat art, dat music)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Whatever the Hell Incarnation It’s On Now

Neon Genisis Evangelion

Macross (the movies at least)

Ghost in the Shell (vaguely)

American fandoms I belong to:

Psychos (show may be over but the fandom lives on)

Marvelites, those magnifecent madmen with manes of marble (sorry Stan Lee!)


Intelligence (it’s dead now. CRAP.)

Cartoon Network

Books I Read:

-John Ringo

-Peter L. Jackson

That should get enough people in.

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