Action Comics vol.1 No.104 - Cover date January 1947

The Prankster engages upon a complicated scheme, the practicality of which not only fails scrutiny but the benefits of which are questionable. Convincing a Metropolis candy magnate to build a sweets-themed amusement park, the Prankster embezzles the funds to create a rival candy-themed amusement park, and then sabotages the other candy-themed amusement park, evidently in a bid to find himself the owner of an uncontested candy-themed amusement park? As pranks go, it’s a head-scratcher.

The topography of Metropolis is growing almost daily, with Candyland U.S.A. being only one of four or five other theme parks currently operating within city limits. From previous stories, we also know that the great city is home to several  theaters, expensive hotels, a variety of housing complexes and significant buildings, statues of Superman adorning not only the park but Metropolis harbor (up to two, in fact), a restaurant row which extends into the boheme part of town, not to mention an outlying array of suburbs – which includes the town which Superboy calls his home!  A map of Metropolis – improbably including all of these landmarks – would be a Herculean task suitable to Superman himself.



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The magnate’s new clothes

He harms a billion people to amass a trillion dollars finally
He hires someone to hire someone to poke you in the eye
He hires someone else to hire human beings to keep you away
He tells someone to hire five hundred wailing women for his mother’s funeral
He hoards all the art in the world to hang in his powder room
A powder room the size of Versailles
He heard of women giving birth in warm pools of water
He tells them to get an engineer to build him a toilet out of a warm pool
He christens it with the sobriquet Boilet and copyrights and patents it
He relieves himself submerged in it while sometimes filled with warm champagne
Or he fills it with warmed goat’s milk or if he wants to laugh out loud, chocolate milk
He keeps a blind man to hold his gold plated cell phone so he can bark while he vacates
And when he is ancient and visiting dignitaries visit his senescent grace
He is quivering and drooling in his bland pudding receiving the King of England
His dementia raging he screams at the King, Want to shit in my Boilet! You can’t!

Michael Baumgart

Baby Say Yeah

by maxette

by maxette

Harry’s a rich kid looking for something to eat. Niall’s the only employee left in a restaurant that happens to be closed now, actually.

Semi-fusion with Jane the Virgin.

Words: 8703, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Tal Fortgang - Princeton University

Go ahead and divest, see how that works out for you. See what effect you have.

When left-wingers and universities pull their investments from huge companies like, say, Caterpillar, the economic pressure applied to the company to cease transacting with Israeli contractors is minuscule.

But here’s the kicker: Sheldon Adelson is banking on your divestment.

Mass selling of Caterpillar stock artificially drives down its price, which sounds nice for the divestment folks until the unintended consequence of divestment is finally realized.

Someone like Adelson, that wealthy right-wing Zionist (three pejoratives seems like enough of an introduction) and casino magnate (ok, four), will in all likelihood snap up all those undervalued securities and begin making money off his investments.

For someone with money and pro-Israel sympathies the move is a no-brainer, both financially and ideologically. Any economist worth his salt can see this unintended consequence looming.

Now Caterpillar has been pressured to change its ways exactly zero, and instead of returns on Caterpillar investments being channeled to your English department, it’s in the hands of the man bankrolling the right-wing Israeli media.