Look, Ma! New Acquisitions!

We sought out fiction novels concerning Labor and Socialism in early 20th-century America.  This topic is especially significant at Lehigh University.  We are located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Our history is closely linked with Bethlehem Steel’s (which is now closed).  To this day, the Bethlehem Steel Stacks provide an important backdrop for our campus.

 “Big Steel” by Leslie Swabacker

This is a novel of the steel industry from the late 1800s to the Great Depression, shown through the eyes of a man who rose from being a common steel worker to a steel magnate. This book is uncommon, especially in the pictorial dust-jacket.  It was published in New York by the Macaulay Company in 1934.  This is a first edition.

“Bread and Fire” by Charles Rumford

This book is about the editor of a New York socialist newspaper who becomes a worker in a Pennsylvania steel mill and participates in the 1919 steel strikes.  It was published in Boston by Houghton Mifflin Company in 1927. This a first edition.  

“Riot” by W.E. Trautmann and P. Hagboldt

This is a very uncommon radical novel of unrest in the Pennsylvania and Ohio steel regions.  It was written by W.E. Trautmann, the Founding General Secretary of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).  The events in the novel take place between 1902 and 1909. It was published in Chicago by the Chicago Labor Printing Company, though the year of publication is unclear. It is predicted to be 1922.  

Our new acquisitions are the three novels pictured above.  To complement the subjects, we provided old photographs and postcards of the Bethlehem Steel Stacks. 


After a Month of Protests, University of Cape Town Removes Major Monument

On Thursday evening, a controversial statue of British colonialist Cecil John Rhodes was hoisted from its plinth at the University of Cape Town (UCT), sealing a round of protests against institutional racism that started with a bucket of human excrement exactly one month earlier, on March 9.

Demonstrators surged forward to attack the bronze sculpture as it was lowered onto a truck, draping it in chains and striking it with their fists. Rhodes was doused in fake blood. His face was smothered in plastic. Dancing bodies crowded around him as the truck driver pulled away.

The statue’s removal signals a small victory for protestors agitating for further change in South Africa, where issues of race are still divisive more than two decades after the end of apartheid. To them, monuments celebrating former oppressors—Rhodes, a 19th-century mining magnate and fervid imperialist, introduced policies that impoverished millions of black families—are symbols of entrenched institutional racism and white power. By challenging these symbols, the protestors have reopened debates about privilege and transformation, drawing attention to the frustrations experienced by people of color at Africa’s top-ranked university.



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Joke - RM Lyric Translations

A rhythm that shakes my eardrums
The bass and drum is the oil that allows me to move
Everything that exists, your happiness, and even your New Year’s fortune imma fucking
get em
I’m Elastine and you guys are dandruff
You rap assholes’ levels are all the same
Fame, girls, money that ma honey to the hunnit to the hunnit who dares block me
Imma fuckin beat em
leech-like hater, you kill me, you tie me up, you put me in solemnity
Im so super I juss grew up
beggar-like mothersuckers motherfuckers rot up
and break your hands and feet
make em’ throw a circus, make em’ do chin-ups
everybody fuck up
those girls who talk two different things with one mouth call you unnie
easily teasing others, what are you guys in your own songs, Lee Kunhee?

(T/N: Lee Kunhee is a South Korean business magnate and the chairman of Samsung Group. But resigned due to a Samsung slush funds scandal)

Girls get tangled up more than Paris, your reality clearly shows
those votes you barely get from your fangirls who love hip-hop for Hongdae variety shows are consistent
I open and close the doors of this place as if I’m one of those automatic doors
that rap pain you guys say you feel everyday
I dominate the beat within seconds
When I see you, the beats talk, telling me to beat you up
Your guts are gonna feel a little twisted, (that’s) my pay
(From) Sweden, Germany, Brazil to Japan
My pen gets stronger than your dirty tongue
I finally get to tear myself up, my loss that’s worse than Wu Guang’s

(T/N: Wu Guang was a leader of the first rebellion against Qin Dynasty)

got six bullets in my tongue huh
six snakes in my lungs huh
six shots got me feeling 2pac that’s right these are A$AP’s lyrics huh
just like a couple that carries a marital chemistry, there’s not really much to it
Just like a heaven-like girl, there’s nothing to feel sorrow about
I swoop swoop sweep away the tak tak dust, my tongue-like water. It’s sor-row
Yeah this is a meaningless wordplay you know I got a mufuckin beat
got a mufuckin rhyme
got a mufuckin flow for a mufuckin style
got a mufuckin wine got a mufuckin shine
how many words does all this add up to, my mufuckin line
bitch Im the one I’m so mufuckin prime
You’re so fucking country-like, a village leader, or maybe some muscular guy (gangster) who loves to eat pigs’ feet
bitch I’m your man 10 out of 10 my heart is black, just like a summer suntan
I start my plan, my name’s brand
I do this all on my own, my name’s band
this is a theme park that I built pull the lever
there’s a dramatic difference between your level and mine
my name is greatest and my last name is ever
I’m never gonna submit a name-change request, I’m never ever ever
That’s right you rascal, you’re more of a silly act than swag, bab(food) than top
you act fake rather than give an answer, you piss 3 seconds later after watching porn
I’m top of the top, swag of the swag, answer of the answer sunbaes and hoobaes
turn around and go back
Just peel your dick and eat it, it’s good.
That’s right, you’re my enemy, so I tear my enemies up
Whether it’s the afternoon or night, I’m a fucking early bird. You’re an asshole who only knows how to rap three words
bibidi babidi boobidi babidi. nimini namini jigimi chakami
yours is invalid, just shove down some young pollack down your throat
Are you Mimi, shawty? No answer
My rap is a rap where the knobs are totally turnt. I’ll say one thing about your rap: don’t rap
My rap’s a rap that’s played around a bit of a big pool. Your rap wasn’t rap from the beginning non-rap
Alright, you’re the best girl, bossing me around
so you’re fucking good at being bossy. Ah but now that I think about it, there was never a time that I never had swag
I’ll take the swag from your bossiness and add gonorrhea to it and call you that instead
I pop it rock it knock it never stop it talkin’ some trashes
Because I’m unemployed but you’re the real unemployed one. You don’t even have money for your car payments
You know I ain’t about the thousands let me ride it yo drop it
swap it
rock it mock it stalk it lock it in my pocket
there’s full of monsters
yeah I getting’ on ‘em bitch, gettin’ on ‘em rich
son of the sea shore, you’re son of a beach
I shine like a gem, as if I’m the son of a jade
I’m a monster, son of a stitch
Yeah man I told you that Im a monster
that why I be rappin non-stop
I do want your hands at the concert
want your fuckin damn erry hands at the concert
hit me

Baby Say Yeah

by maxette

by maxette

Harry’s a rich kid looking for something to eat. Niall’s the only employee left in a restaurant that happens to be closed now, actually.

Semi-fusion with Jane the Virgin.

Words: 8703, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at


Tal Fortgang - Princeton University

Go ahead and divest, see how that works out for you. See what effect you have.

When left-wingers and universities pull their investments from huge companies like, say, Caterpillar, the economic pressure applied to the company to cease transacting with Israeli contractors is minuscule.

But here’s the kicker: Sheldon Adelson is banking on your divestment.

Mass selling of Caterpillar stock artificially drives down its price, which sounds nice for the divestment folks until the unintended consequence of divestment is finally realized.

Someone like Adelson, that wealthy right-wing Zionist (three pejoratives seems like enough of an introduction) and casino magnate (ok, four), will in all likelihood snap up all those undervalued securities and begin making money off his investments.

For someone with money and pro-Israel sympathies the move is a no-brainer, both financially and ideologically. Any economist worth his salt can see this unintended consequence looming.

Now Caterpillar has been pressured to change its ways exactly zero, and instead of returns on Caterpillar investments being channeled to your English department, it’s in the hands of the man bankrolling the right-wing Israeli media.