Francesco Musella. Francesco worked for 3 northern Italian tailoring houses, Baratta, Colovito and Donnini e Caraceni. Francesco made a few suits for the famous Italian magnate Gianni Agnelli who was well known for his elegant debonair style.

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Feminist Folklore

1. When Daphne turns into a tree she actually gores Apollo. Like, he gets a tree trunk through his intestines.  His decomposing body nourishes her roots. His blood stains her bark for a time. Only a time.

2. Sleeping beauty wakes up when the prince kisses her. “No thanks,” she says, and turns over to go back to sleep. Later she wakes up on her own and becomes a textile magnate. 

3. The husbands all thought the Tengu were abducting all their wives, but actually they were carrying the willing away to a magical commune on the clouds above Mt. Fuji where they lived in peace and harmony forever and the only men allowed inside were certified allies who swore a vow to secrecy

4. St George did not kill the dragon. The dragon killed St George and the princess rode away on its back cackling. “Women are not prizes to be won!” she cried into the night.

5. Scheherazade actually poisoned the king on the first night and told the stories to his corpse because let’s be real, dudes who kill hundreds of women don’t make A+ husbands or kings.  Everyone was relieved. 

6. The woman who transformed into a demon and chased the monk all the way to the temple and then fried him alive in the temple bell was actually just really mad that he tried to steal her prized hand-illustrated copy of the Lotus Sutra and pass it off as his own original work, because OBVIOUSLY women aren’t this artistic, AMIRITE? 

7. Female vampires don’t drink blood they actually inhale the screams of dying misogynists

8. Guinevere convinced Arthur and Lancelot that they should take up polyamory and Camelot didn’t fall because no one betrayed anyone and there was plenty of love to go around. In fact if you walk under the right barrow on a foggy day you will emerge in the great hall with the round table where Guinevere leads her knitting circle

9. After tossing and turning all night because her stack of mattresses was really uncomfortable the princess was even more peeved when they told her it was all a test and she could marry the prince now and wasn’t she happy? “I have things to do, bloody hell!” she said. “Stop holding women up to an impossible standard. I had no idea there was a stupid pea, your mattresses are just really lumpy.” And then she left to go rule her own damn kingdom.

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If no one likes me, then who is NeedlingLPT6467? I have 311 whole followers including omgtsn, a Tumblr magnate who did stuff with Homestuck.

Your imaginary friends goodbye



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Brian Epstein and the Beatles horse-riding at airline magnate Reed Pigman’s ranch in Alton, Missouri, (where they had a 36 hour break following their concert in Dallas) September 19, 1964. Photographs by Curt Gunther

After a night awake, dawdling through poker and cigarettes and beer into the early hours, we took our pick of some wild and rugged horses. Watched with amusement by Mrs Pigman, we chose our nags according to whim; Beatles first, aides next, Brian last because - alone among us - he did know something about riding horses. 

-Derek Taylor (The Beatles Anthology)

It wasn’t much fun for me. They were so relaxed and out of it that I had to drag them out of bed to get them to go on photoshoots. It was hard work because Brian worried endlessly about making sure they had tame horses and wouldn’t fall off and break a leg. Then Paul got a bit annoyed with me when I told him to toss his cigarette away. ‘Cowboys chew tobacco,’ I told him, ‘but you never see them smoking on horseback.’ All they wanted to do was play and get high.

-Curt Gunther (The Beatles and Me on Tour by Ivor Davis)


Some of Monika Levay’s (wife of Sylvester Levay - composer and creator of Elisabeth das Musical)collection of Kaiserin Elisabeth artifacts (for you history geeks out there).

1. Dress worn for Franz Joseph’s birthday

2. Elisabeth’s corset

3. A figurine, the uniform of a Russian Magnate, original tupperware

4. Two of Elisabeth’s nightgowns

5. One of her favourite dresses from her mourning period.

6. A boot (size 42)

7. Original newspaper documenting Elisabeth’s murder

8. Mirror Elisabeth used every day in her beauty rituals

9. The Levays with part of their collection

10. The fan Elisabeth used to cover her face 


Pharees, toa of magnatism. When the brotherhood of makuta ripped through the island and decimated most of the matoran and toa of magnetism and iron, pharees had his hands removed as a demoralizer, and it almost destroyed his sense of duty and destiny. He was, however, destined to become the toa of magnetism. His toa tools channel his element, as manipulators and MACs. He can also channel his element through his boots so he can walk on metallic surfaces.


I thought I would throw together a little graphic to illustrate my ideal nation. The foundation is the family and the individual. Next comes the extended family and the general population, next comes the ruling class, preferably nobility and skilled individuals from any class. And finally comes the royal family and the King, who leads, represents, and protects his people. Throughout each level are symbols of the nation, like the Union Jack and the Coat of Arms of the kingdom.

A really important bit from the Supergirl sneak peek that no one seems to be talking about
  • Announcer:Media magnate Cat Grant dubbed National City's new hero "Supergirl."
  • Kara:We can't name her that!
  • Cat:"We" didn't.
  • Kara:Shouldn't she be called Super... woman?
  • Cat:What do you think is so bad about "girl?" I'm a girl... and your boss... and powerful... and rich... and hot... and smart. So if you perceive Supergirl as anything less than excellent, isn't the real problem YOU?
Reuters Wrap: Wednesday, May 13

 In today’s Reuters Wrap: Amtrak crash, Burundi’s “coup,” a cheaper genome, Tencent’s ace and a fridge magnate…

The video coming in from Tuesday evening’s Amtrak fatal train crash is grim. At least six people died in the north Philadelphia accident. “It’s an absolute disastrous mess,” said Mayor Michael Nutter. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.” Reuters is posting photos here

‘Kill them all

The pink bus in Karachi was pockmarked with bullet holes and blood saturated the seats and dripped out of the doors on to the concrete. Gunmen on motorcycles boarded the bus and opened fire on commuters in the Pakistani city, killing at least 43, police said. It is the latest attack directed against religious minorities this year.

It might be a coup

A Burundi army general said on Wednesday he had deposed Pierre Nkurunziza as president for seeking an unconstitutional third term in office. A presidential aide replied: “We consider it as a joke, not as a military coup.”

Cheaper genome sequencing, cheaper drug development

Drug manufacturers have begun amassing enormous troves of human DNA in hopes of significantly shortening the time it takes to identify new drug candidates, a move some say is transforming the development of medicines. In a related “fact box,” Reuters shows how the falling cost of genome sequencing is making it easier (cheaper) for drug companies to look for these new drug targets.

Berlin safety catch

Heckler and Koch is one of the most successful gun makers in the world. Its HK416 assault rifle is said to have been used to kill Osama bin Laden and the G36 is standard issue for militaries across the globe. In years past, the company profited from Germany’s aggressive export policies. In 2008, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government approved a controversial but lucrative licensing deal for HK that allows Saudi Arabia to produce the G36 itself. But lately, the mood in Berlin has shifted. And HK’s most important client has become its fiercest critic.

WeChat is Tencent’s ace in China’s online entertainment race

Tencent’s plan for getting an edge over rival Alibaba is similar to how the Yankees built their championship franchise: buy the talent. In addition to the WeChat messaging app, Tencent has been willing to throw cash at top-tier film, TV, game and music content. Reuters explores Tencent’s strategy and what it will mean for Alibaba and for its users in China.

Fridge magnate

The Chinese businessman who built the world’s second-biggest refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioner empire is putting big overseas acquisitions in the deep freeze, to focus on innovation and connectivity - linking his firm and its customers to their smart home appliances. Zhang Ruimin, the 66-year-old CEO of Haier Group, said global over-capacity and a shift to advanced manufacturing in a wireless age has put off talk of large deals.

Pablo Picasso, Les femmes d’Alger (Version “O”), 1955. Oil on canvas just sold for $179.365.000 World record price for any painting ever sold! The seller, who bought the painting privately for an undisclosed amount, remains anonymous. The painting was last sold at auction for $31.9 million in 1997. Picasso’s most famous works are in high demand and few remain in private hands. In 2013, billionaire hedge fund manager Steven Cohen bought Picasso’s “Le Reve” from hotel magnate Steve Wynn for $155 million in a private sale. Picasso, who died in 1973, painted it as an homage to his friend and rival, Henri Matisse, the famous French impressionist. #picasso #pablopicasso #LesFemmesDAlger #auction #art #artist #painting #christiesinc #millions #museum #sexy #love #money

“In all civilized democratic countries the bureaucracy, of course, ‘serves’ the people. This does not prevent it from raising itself above the people as a closely united professional caste. If it actually serves the capitalist magnates, that is, cringes before them, it treats the workman and peasant arrogantly, whether it be in France, Switzerland, or America. But in the civilized 'democracies’ the fact is clothed in certain forms of civility and politeness, in greater or lesser degree in the different countries. But when necessary (and such occasions occur daily) the cloak of civility is easily thrust aside by the policeman’s fist; strikers are beaten in police stations in Paris, New York, and other centers of the world. In the main, however, 'democratic’ civility in the relations of the bureaucracy with the population is a product and a heritage of bourgeois revolutions. The exploitation of man by man has remained, but the form of it is different, less 'brutal,’ adorned with the cloak of equality and polished politeness.”

- Trotsky, Civility and Politeness as a Necessary
Lubricant in Daily Relations


For Sale: Villa Maria, one of Long Island’s (Hampton’s)most beautiful estates, is a 15+ acre retreat of solitude and beauty with breathtaking views of Mecox Bay. The residence is offered with approx. 1,200-foot bulkhead waterfront with dock.

In 1919, shipping magnate Edward P. Morse commissioned Brooklyn architect Frank Freeman to transform the existing cottage into this beautiful Villa by the sea. In 2005 the present owners, world renowned designers, purchased this spectacular property and began a 6-year project to recapture its 1920’s grandeur while completely modernizing it into a splendid 21st Century estate home. Consisting of approx. 22,000 sq.ft. and four levels, the highlights include a handmade three-story wrought iron staircase accessing a large reception hall, a 60-foot living room and formal dining room, both with original fresco details, 11 bedrooms including a 6-room beautifully appointed master suite, a serene and light filled atrium with the original tile floor and a brilliant state of the art kitchen.

The internationally renowned architectural firm of Andre Tchelistcheff hired only the most talented craftsman to complete the thorough restoration and renovation of this landmarked home. Care was taken to insure all principal rooms take advantage of the panoramic views and abundant light that filters through the waterside French doors and windows. The outdoor spaces feature a grand double height portico with enormous stone columns, a large limestone terrace with magnificent views of the bay. The stately grounds and gardens have been restored and further enhanced by Edmund D. Hollander, offering year round beauty and privacy. There is a pool with panoramic water views, a pool cabana, a tennis court, and a comfortable and chic 2-bedroom guest house.

BEDS 11 / FULL BATHS 12 / PARTIAL BATHS 4 / SQ FT. 22,000 / ACRES 15 PRICE $85,000,000 / SQ FT.$3,864