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Writing prompt: "Magnus," Alec said looking in the other direction, "My parents are going to be here in 10 minutes, why are you naked?

I changed it ever so slightly, but not a lot. I hope you like it! :)
It had been almost a fortnight since Magnus had seen his boyfriend. Between the two of them, clients, hunting and Clave meetings had built up on top of one another. So there was no wiggle room in between for spare time to themselves.
After coming back from their holidays around Europe-which was the last time they’d spent time together properly-Magnus had decided enough was enough. He was going to see Alec, even if he had to walk in hot coals to do so. Now was just getting into the Institute unnoticed, as well as avoiding Alec’s father-Robert. He pressed his palm against the front door of his loft, as a warm tingle left his fingertips, causing a portal to expand on the door. To which he stepped through.

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When I first met you, I sighed in disappointment and kept walking, but you kept appearing, never giving up. When I finally decided to give you a chance, you were nothing but a burden, but I still went with you everywhere because I saw something in you, something special. For months we trained together, tried to make you stronger so you could stand on your own, but my training meant nothing. I thought about leaving you, but I knew that you couldn’t do it on your own.
But one day, you changed, transformed. Suddenly, you were the only thing I needed, my teammate…my protector…my best friend. I realized what it was that I felt the day I met you. Even when you were at your weakest you never gave up. Even in a world where people constantly tore you down and told you that you were useless, you stood strong.
And most of all, you are special because you are mine. Mine and mine alone. I’m glad that I kept you and I’m even happier that you decided to stay. Thank you for never giving up, thank you for staying by my side, and thank you for believing in me. I love you,