Imagine a pokemon-fire emblem awakening au where Brady specializes in fairy type pokemon, and the only non-fairy type he has is a little magikarp. That magikarp was his first pokemon, Maribelle got it for him because he begged for a pokemon but she didn’t want him to get hurt, so she got him one that can’t attack.

So Brady ended up getting super-attached to this magikarp, and he would train and play with it everyday. Fast-forward to his late teens, Brady has his fairy types now, but everyone still makes fun of him for his ‘useless’ magikarp, which he defends to the death. ‘Just because he can’t attack doesn’t mean he’s worthless…’

And then, one day, in fact on the day Brady gets promoted to War Monk and has this big fancy axe to swing around now, he shows off to his magikarp. The magikarp is so inspired by his trainer’s growth, that during their training that day magikarp evolves AND HOLY SHIT ALL OF THE SUDDEN WE GOT A GYARADOS. Brady just gets so emotional and hugs it, because they did it. After all the struggle and ridicule, they’re finally forces to be reckoned with.

No one ever makes fun of either of them again.