Magicmaker is an excellent spellcrafting-focused platformer/dungeon-crawler with over 2,000,000 unique spell combinations to discover and a charming papercraft visual style.

As the Security Guard of Dörwall Community College (The preeminent wizarding school of the Dörwall area) you must jump, shoot, and explore through beautifully crafted levels to assure the safety of your colleagues while investigating the sudden appearance of a mysterious individual.

The sheer variety this game has is incredible, with plenty of character customisation options, varied environments, lots of colourful enemies, and more spell combinations than you can shake a wand at.  All this would be for nothing is the gameplay wasn’t up to scratch, but thankfully Magicmaker is a joy to play, with fun platforming, huge bosses, open level design and awesome spell effects.  A spellbinding smorgasbord of spectacular spells.

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magicmake said:

...i think i came across you on youtube e__e hmm... it was a sawyer video, peeps were talking about karin raping sasuke and then it later blew into a 139comment section about sakura being right for sasuke. i'm surprise i found you here if this is you x]

Yup that’s me alright. I just like it when I have the same username on youtube, twitter, tumbltr, etc. xD

Actually, I was the one who started about Karin raping Sasuke. I know rape isn’t a joke and is a very serious matter but Karin wanted to ravage him in his sleep and that’s why I got the idea that she wants to rape him.

It’s really sad how some NaruSaku fans are in denial and still hope for NaruSaku and SasuKarin.

I am not really fond of NaruSaku but I do ship it as my BrOTP. Same goes for NaruSasu/SasuNaru. Their fans really irritate me though.

As for SasuKarin… I can’t stand it. I don’t like Karin and her so called “love” for Sasuke disgusts me. Even NaruSasu/SasuNaru have a better chance.

I really hope SasuSaku happens because Sasuke needs someone like Sakura and I believe he actually loves her :)

magicmake said:

holysnaps it's actually you! XD i'm following sasusaku people and saw your name then remembered you and that toriko guy talking about karin xD heheh s'cool <3 and yeah, i find it annoying how sasukarin exists just because narusaku people need to push sasuke onto someone else *shudders*....karin just rubs me the wrong way. sigh, and the fans in the narusasu fandom need to chill with their homophobic insults :] i don't take narusaru as seriously, cause i know sasusaku and naruhina will be end game

I agree with everything you say. ;)

And if we are homophobic because some of us don’t like NaruSasu/SasuNaru, then they are heterophobic. lol does that kind of phobia even exist?

magicmake said: i love her replies xD sasusaku answers sweetly to the nice folks, while sarcastically to her haters and it’s hilarious lols

Ah yes, thank you! ♥ I’m nice to people that are nice to me and a sarcastic little b*tch to haters lol :D