Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Six Flags Magic Mountain Event - Admins of Rathalos Scales - Kinokashi, Dhisufiroa and SuzakuoftheSouth

We arrived at the caravan event (Saturday) to start our Monster Hunter Journey. Out front of the theme park the Caravan was set up, many hunters all around to meet and greet. Playing the role as guildmarm and even voicing her perfectly was extremely fun. I handed out quest papers, had people stop for the pics, even had a few hunters find me again and tell me the completed the quest… I didn’t have the zenny to reward them but they got the hug they also asked for :) I’m super proud of the Guildmarm cosplay I made, it was back to hand sewing and all the effort was worthwhile :) 

Roller Stairs

The walkable, large outdoor sculpture Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain is currently in construction on the Heinrich Hildebrand Höhe in Duisburg Wanheim, Germany. It overtops the plateau with the artificially heaped-up mountain by 21m | 23yd so the visitor can rise by more than 45m | 49yd above the level of the landscape and enjoy an impressive view over the Rhine.