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Stand By Me (1986)
I really need prayers and good will today, please.

I have a really huge thing that’s going on at some point today that’s most likely going to take every last drop out of me emotionally and mentally.  I don’t know when it will happen since the person in question has yet to give me any information, but in the meantime, I am asking that you please send me prayers, good vibes, positivity, or whatever else it is that you do to help me get through this as painlessly as possible.  Thank you so much, all of you. 

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I mean…the real issue here is the appropriation of real religious and spiritual practices, but the word “witch” is just another word for a female mage and it’s prevalent throughout fantasy as a whole. Not just Harry Potter?

well there’s always sorceress. but i only use HP bc i’m saying HP-esque magic, i.e. patronus, turning ppl into toads and stuff. they r completely fictional. but these ppl r actually pulling from ACTUAL witchcraft with runes & other shit like that n that’s my have fun with ur frogs and cauldrons and whatever u dont need to borrow shit from the actual craft