jack-fuckin-frost said:

Hey love your blog, it’s been a great resource for me. Do you have any advice in writing magic in an academic sense? A big part of my world is a magic academy and I’m having trouble writing Instructor characters and class lectures. Thanks for your time.

Part I: Schools and Education


The link above is a guide to creating fictional schools in general, including rules, scheduling, enrollment, and more. This will just be for the magic part.

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You’re first kiss isn’t really important as your last. The Maths test didn’t really matter. The pie really did. The stuff you’re good at and the stuff you’re bad at are just different parts of the same thing. Same goes for the people you love and the people you don’t. The only thing that mattered was that that you cared about a few people. Life is really, really short.
—  Ethan Wate, Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl