Making an Homunculus: Liber vaccae - The Book of the Cow

You will need:

  • One cow
  • One ewe
  • Semen of a magician
  • One’s own urine, fresh
  • Ground sunstone
  • Sulfur
  • "Magnet" (Iron)
  • Green tutia
  • Willow sap
  • Very large glass or leaden vessel
  • Small dark house or shed, with no sunlight able to seep in.

To create your homunculus:

  1. Take a vessel of one’s own water [urine] while warm, and mix with an equal amount of the stone of the sun.

  2. Select either your ewe or your cow. Clean the vulva of the selected animal with herbs and medicines, making the womb capable of receiving what is put therein.

  3. Take the unselected animal. Exsanguinate. Apply a measure of fresh blood on the vulva of the animal being prepared to bear the homunculus and place the semen of the magician deep within the reproductive canal. Store remaining blood.

  4. Plug the vulva of the selected animal with the stone of the sun. Place animal in dark house.

  5. Feed one pound of the blood of the unselected animal to imprisoned animal each week.

  6. Mix equal measures of the sunstone, sulfur, iron, and green tutia with the willow sap and allow to dry in the shadows.

After the cow or sheep gives birth to a shapeless form, it must be immediately put within the powder of minerals and sap prepared in advance. This will provide its skin. Place it within the large glass or leaden vessel. Feed it with only blood and milk from its mother and do not let the sun shine upon it.

How to use your homunculus:

There are many uses for an homunculus -

  • To change the progress of the moon, or to become a cow or sheep: Feed the homunculus as stated. Vivisect it after seven days and state your intentions.

  • To walk upon water: Feed the homunculus as stated. Vivisect it after forty days and apply its fluids to the soles of the feet.

  • To discover what is missing: Feed the homunculus as stated. Leave it within milk and rainwater for a year. After a year passes, it will reveal all that is absent.

Should you fail at your endeavors, the most likely reason is that sunlight touched the impregnated animal or homunculus.


From the Liber Vaccae of William of Auvergne. 12th or 13th century. Extracted from Natural Particulars: Nature and the Disciplines in Renaissance Europe. Anthony Grafton and Nancy Siraisi, 1999.


Donum Dei, Ortus diviciarum sapiencie Dei. Possibly by Georgius Aurach de Argentine, 15th or 16th century.


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"You’ll need a two-foot square patch of undisturbed snow. The snow should be at least a few inches deep to retain the figure (the deeper, the better). Additionally, it should be fairly fresh. Crusty, hard, icy snow simply won’t work.

Kneel on the snow (or squat, if that is more comfortable). Visualize the magical change that will soon grace your life. See it clearly.

Now, with the index finger of your right hand (or a stick), draw a symbol of your need with firm intent and visualization.

Once you’ve made this symbol, draw a circle on the snow about one and a half feet in diameter around the symbol if your magical change involves love, healing, spirituality, friendships, purification or psychic awareness. Or, draw a square about one and a half feet in diameter around the symbol if the change involves protection, money, grounding, weight-loss, courage and other similar, Earth-based changes.

Brush off your hands and leave the area.”

- Scott Cunningham
Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic

Image Credit: Unknown