May 17th:

Got up and felt pretty good. Had a marvellous sleep. It was weird waking up with Magz in my bed… 

Went off to acting and had fun, but couldn’t wait til the night, because Ellen and Fallon were coming!

After killing a couple of hours, they got here, fresh from being in the same room as our hero, Mel B, at X Factor auditions.

We went on a Dan Murphy’s run and then came back and drank a silly amount of goon and Diamond Nights. It was sheer bliss!

Fell asleep with Ellen in my bed, happy as Larry!

Cardigan: Emily’s. With Magz.

Dame Maggie Smith hasn’t seen much of her five grandchildren recently. What with her two sons being busy actors, and her filming the new series of Downton Abbey, there’s not been much time for family get-togethers.

It’s the raucous Sunday lunches at the home of her younger son, classical actor Toby Stephens, that they miss the most. Dame Maggie, as the matriarich of the family presides over the long table, with her awe-struck grandchildren - Toby’s three and her elder son Chris’s two - hanging on to her every word.

In real life, Dame Maggie is nothing like the imperious Violet, Dowager Countess of Gratham in Downton. Indeed, some of the things that go on over lunch Chez Stephens would have the dowager reaching for the smelling salts. 
'It's chaos and absolutely hilarious', says Chris, 44, who is starring in Yes, Prime Minister, the stage version of the classic 1980's sitcom. 'There are food fights, lots of fun and screams of laughter, and mother joins in with the kids. Afterwards we need a pressure hose to clean up.'

I wanna be there too and have Mags as my granny….. omg, I’m dying of envy right now *lol* XD