Magcon/Omaha crew picture preferences #12 ONE OF THE BOYS TWEET A PICTURE OF YOU GUYS


@carterreynolds: I know you havent seen for a long time, but I’m here so calm down guys @AaronCarpenter @Y/T/N  

@AaronCarpenter: @carterreynolds bro, I’m just happy to be with her @Y/T/N 


@Nashgrier: “come with us, it’ll be fun” and here I am, sitting on the sand while the love birds @camerondallas and @Y/T/N are surfing, thanks

@Y/T/N: come on @Nashgrier, you’re not alone!

@camerondallas: yea bro, come on, have fun! @nashgrier 


@TheMattEspinosa: get outta my way! I wanna enjoy the sunset not you two kissing @carterreynolds @Y/T/N

@Y/T/N: shut up @TheMattEspinosa, we’re way much better than the sunset uh!


@/ShawnMendes: Guys I know you prefer cuddling but I wanna remember you that I’M HERE TOO @Hayesgrier @Y/T/N

@Y/T/N: you jealous bro? @/ShawnMendes

@HayesGrier: @/ShawnMendes you wanna be my cuddle buddy? 

Jack G:

@JackJackJohnson: We just got lost and they’re thinking about how to get home @/jackgilinsky @Y/T/N #someonecanhelpus

@Y/T/N: @JackJackJohnson it’s called “explore the city” @/jackgilinsky 

Jack J:

@jackgilinsky: back home in Omaha and look at these cute love birds @JackJackJohnson @Y/T/N

@JackJackJohnson: you’re right G, we’re cute @Y/T/N @jackgilinsky


@AaronCarpenter: you cannot say they’re not cute! #relationshipgoals @Y/T/N @JacobWhitesides 

@JacobWhitesides: @AaronCarpenter Man, she’s my everything, I love her so much @Y/T/N


@taylorcaniff: Dont you think it’s time to wake up sleepy beauties? @TheMattEspinosa @Y/T/N

@Y/T/N: but you have to admit that we were cute nah? @taylorcaniff @TheMattEspinosa


@camerondallas: I just woke up and found them in the kitchen like this. are you making me breakfast? @Nashgrier @Y/T/N

@Nashgrier: @/camerondallas bro, you can make YOUR breakfast and it was a cute moment so @Y/T/N


@sammywilk: I wanna a relationship like them, I’m so jealous @skatemaloley @Y/T/N

@Y/T/N: dont be sad @sammywilk 

@skatemaloley: bro you’ll find the perfect girl and we can have a double date @sammywilk @Y/T/N


@skatemaloley: bro, we’re in the studio and I’M HERE, we’re supposed to record the new song @sammywilk @Y/T/N

@sammywilk: give me a damn minute and I’m all yours @skatemaloley


@JacobWhitesides: shhh, they’re trying for the tour! @Y/T/N plays the guitar and @ShawnMendes sings #getready 

@Y/T/N: Can you please shut up? And I’m reeeally good, right baby? @ShawnMendes


@Hayesgrier: whoa, they’re finally together after a loong time. I guess now i’ll not see Tay as much as before @Taylorcaniff @Y/T/N

@Y/T/N: ow poor Hayes, you can hang out with us @Taylorcaniff @Hayesgrier 




The Loft



“Where are we?” I say under my breath while trying to take in everything.

“Welcome to The Loft.” Jack says with a smirk on his face. //

He starts walking towards the elevator in the corner of the parking lot, still carrying my bag and the leftover food from In-n-Out. As I’m walking behind him sipping on my chocolate shake, I start shaking. I can’t tell if I’m shaking because it’s chilly, or because I’m nervous as to what I’m about to walk into.

We finally reach the elevator and get inside. He presses the second floor button.

“(Y/N), are you cold? Here-“ Jack says while taking off his sweatshirt, leaving him completely shirtless.

While he hands me his sweatshirt, I try not to stare at him.

Damn, someone’s been working out more.

“Thanks,” I say quietly.

While we wait for the elevator to reach the second floor, I can feel him staring at me. I try my best not to look back; tonight’s been too intense already.

I hear the elevator bell ring as we finally arrive.

We walk from the elevator straight towards a black double door.

Jack pushes the two doors open in one movement holding them open for me. I take on step inside and instantly hear all the boy’s voices.

I see a chandelier right above me as I walk into an extremely large room consisting of beautiful furniture. One of the walls is just a huge window looking out onto the scenery of L.A. We walk to what seems to be the kitchen, to find all the boys sitting around the island counter eating.

Intruding the boys’ argument, Jack yells,

“Hate to interrupt, but we’re home. What have you guys been talkin-”

The boys immediately stood up and rushed over to me, all trying to hug me at once, overwhelming me with questions such as,

“Where have you fucking been?”

“I’ve missed you so much, (Y/N)”

“How are you doing?”

I hear Jack say,

“Guys, c’mon, give her space. We’ll talk about all that in the morning over breakfast.”

I give Jack a thankful look, and he nods. All the boys sit back down in their chairs.

I walk over to him and take my bag off his shoulder, with all the boys watching me.

“Where am I sleeping?” I ask, automatically regretting it, not knowing whom really to speak to considering there are 11 boys in the room right now.

All of them just look at each other, without responding to me.

Finally, Matt speaks up and says,

“Well, you already have your own room. But you can sleep wherever you feel comfortable. If you want to sleep in any of our rooms, feel free.” I can hear the nervousness in his tone.

My own room?

“Okay, well, why don’t you show me where it is?” I ask.

“Alright, we’ll be right back.” Matt says to everyone in the room while taking my bag.

I know it’s polite, but Jesus. I can carry my own bag.

I can feel the tension in the room as we walk towards a spiral staircase that leads up the 3rd floor.

Matt and I were always close, before I left. We flirted very often though, and I had a huge crush on him in the beginning. But I knew it was better to stay friends.

I walk up the stairs behind him. From the staircase, you are able to see the entire floor at one glance. The floor includes 12 rooms, one after another, forming a rectangle shape. 

(I don’t really know how to describe the 3rd floor, so just imagine it like the 2nd floor of the picture below. Except in the story, all the furniture and walls are black and white. SO BASICALLY JUST LOOK AT HOW IT’S BUILT OK, OK. CARRY ON)

I noticed that each room has a nameplate on the door, as to whose room it is.

After walking past 7 rooms, we finally stopped at mine. Matthew turned the knob and held the door open, waiting for me to walk in first.

I almost gasp while examining how gorgeous everything inside this room, my room, is. It fits me so well. There’s a huge bookcase on one wall that holds at least 200 books. There’s a record player too, with some of my favorite records. A large flat screen TV hanging from the wall across from my bed. My bed is black and white. I can see that the sheets are silk. There’s also a mini-fridge in the corner by my bed. There’s a window seat on the other side of the room, which has the same lookout of L.A. as the one downstairs.

I can’t believe I have my own room here. It was made just for me. God, they know me so well.

“Do you like it?” Matt asks me while scanning the room and setting my bag down.

“Are you kidding? This is like the room every girl wants. I can’t believe you guys did this; you guys didn’t have to do all this-

“Of course we did. (Y/N), we’ve really missed you. I’ve missed you.” He says while making eye contact.

“I’ve missed you too, Matt. I just needed space; it’s overwhelming with you guys sometimes. But I want everything to go back to normal.”

“(Y/N), things are far from normal.” Matt chuckles, but still in a serious tone.

“What do you me-“

Matt interrupts, “We’ll talk about it in the morning. Are you tired?”

“There’s no way I’m going to be able to sleep any time soon. Let’s just go back downstairs.” I start walking out the door, and he follows.

He shuts the door behind me.

As we walk back downstairs, I see Cameron making pancakes while all the other guys get drinks out on the table.

Pancakes at 3 a.m.? I am so down.

“I want mine with chocolate chips!” I say loudly as I sit on the counter near the fridge.

I hear Cameron laugh and say,

“I’m glad those are still your favorite because I already put chocolate chips in the batter.”

I’m so glad things have lightened up a bit.

Chill music is playing throughout the house, and I hear Jack Johnson say

“Guys, do you remember this song?”

*Mr. Brightside by The Killers starts playing*


Most of the boys reply with, “Believe me, we know. You had it on repeat for like two weeks!”

We all start singing along with the lyrics, still remembering all the words.

God, I’ve missed this so much.

After the song is over, Cam brings a big plate of pancakes to the table as we all sit down.

I sit between Jack G and Nate.

Nate hands me what seemed like plain Orange Juice, when I say

“Oh, that’s got a kick to it,” while laughing quietly.

“Yep, welcome back. Missed you.” He laughs and brings me in for a hug.

“I missed you too, Nate.”

I haven’t felt this wanted in so long.

After sitting there for a second and waiting for everyone to sit down, we all start eating and talking about all the memories.

“Oh God, remember that time we accidently stole that car?” I hear Johnson say to Gilinsky.

“I still can’t believe we got out of that!” Jack says while bursting out laughing.

After talking about all those great moments, we all quiet down and just kind of have our own little separate conversations, instead of a huge group discussion like before. I started talking across the table to Shawn about how I thought his last song, A Little Too Much, was amazing.

I get up to go get more orange juice when I see a girl in her bra and underwear walk down the spiral stairs while saying,

“Babeeeee, come back to bed,” slurring her words.

Not even worried about who she was speaking to, I look towards the table and see Jack G pissed and saying to the boys,

“Are you fucking kidding? I told you guys to get them all out before I came back with (Y/N).”

The girl walks over to me, starts drinking my drink and asks,

“You’re breaking one of the rules, you know.”

She starts pulling the hem of Jack’s sweatshirt, trying to take it off me.

“Um, excuse me.” I say trying to back up away from her.

I see Sammy get up and pull her away. He tells her to go get her clothes on and leave, and to not come back.

I see the boys looking at each other, not knowing what to do, muttering things to one another. I’m still standing in the kitchen, confused and getting agitated, waiting for someone to explain.

Why am I getting mad? Of course they would have a girl or two over. But Jack said ‘all’ of the them, meaning there was multiple. And what rules was that girl talking about? I don’t think I even want to know.

“(Y/N), you should sit down for this.” I hear Matt say from the dinner table.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

A/N: Okay, sorry for the late update! The next chapter/part is going to be different; I don’t think you guys have a clue about what is going to happen. Anyways, if I get enough requests, I will post another part tonight. Either way, there will be one up tomorrow. Hope you guys are enjoying it! Much love x