Hayes Imagine (A Walk Home)

Hayes Imagine (A Walk Home)
Request by ella-hatch32 : Can I have a hayes imagine where I meet his parents and they don’t really like me at first?
Yeah sure sweetheart. I’m feeling pretty well today despite being sick I am happy :)
"Y/n don’t worry my parents will love you how could they not?" Hayes said trying to reassure you.
"I don’t know I just feel like I will mess up or something," You told him honestly looking at your feet.
"How could you possibly mess this up?" He said with a smile as he tilted your chin up so you were looking him in the eye. When he said this your face broke into a smile. "There’s that smile I love, now let’s hurry before we’re late and then my parents really will hate you," He said with a laugh which only caused your eyes to widen and for you to playfully shove him. "Oh y/n you know I’m only joking," He said with a smile.
"Yes, but don’t make me more nervous then I already am," You tell him as you try and focus on walking up the pathway towards the front door.
"Well it’s good to know you’re nervous," He says as he matches your pace. Your head turns to him but he is looking straight ahead.
"Why is that good?" You ask him curiously and his face breaks into a smile but he remains looking forward before he quickly looks at you to say,
"Because that means you care."
Before you knew it Hayes was knocking on the door to his front door while you stood there dumbstruck. You were brought back to reality by Mr. Grier holding his hand out to you for you to come in.
"Oh sorry I was a bit lost there," You said politely as you stepped inside.
"No trouble at all, I’m Hayes’ father but you can call me Chad," He said holding his hand out for you to shake once you were inside.
"Y/n, lovely to meet you Chad," You said with a smile as you shook his hand.
"Hey dad, so what has mom made for us tonight?" He asked breaking the soon to be awkward silence.
"You’re favorite, chicken and wild rice," Mr. Grier said with a smile but your stomach went rigid and you could see Hayes tense a little.
"Um, Dad," Hayes said scratching the back of his neck. "Didn’t I mention that y/n was vegetarian?" He asked but it sounded more like a statement. You watched as Mr. Grier’s face morphed into one of surprise and disappointment and your stomach was doing flips, and not the good kind.
"It’s no worries I am sure I can eat something else," You said hoping to break the tension but you only made it worse. Oh no! They hate you y/n, this is it! Say good bye to Hayes, you’ll be out the door in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, —
"Dinner is on the table!" You heard someone exclaim. Well I guess your expulsion from Hayes’ house will be delayed but not for long. Everyone gathered around the table and there was still a huge amount of tension as you all sat down. Hayes sat next to you with Nash across from him and Skylynn next to him. When Skylynn saw you she waved with a smile which lightened your mood a bit. Nash flashed you a smile which you returned before he winked at Hayes.
"Well let’s say grace before we dig in," Mrs. Grier said.  You all bowed your heads as Skylynn said grace before lifting them up. "Now serve yourself," She said.
"Oh um Mom," Hayes said as she was getting Skylynn some food. "I may not have mentioned it but  y/n is vegetarian," He said timidly; however, his mother didn’t even flinch.
"That’s fine, you know we have food on the table for her too, Nash is still vegetarian too you know that Hayes," Mrs. Grier said and my stomach was free of butterflies, for now at least.
"Come on Hayes you know your girlfriend better than your own brother? We need to spend more time together," Nash chided sarcastically to which he got a kick in the shin from Hayes but he masked it fairly well seeing as neither parent noticed.
You watched as Nash got his food before you got the same.
"Now y/n forgive me for not introducing myself sooner I was so busy in the kitchen but I’m Hayes’ mom but you can just call me Elizabeth," She said with a smile.
"Well it is nice to meet you Elizabeth," You said with a smile before putting a forkful of pasta into your mouth and chewing with caution.
"So I heard that you’re in Hayes’ Spanish class," Chad said looking up from his food.
"That’s correct, that’s actually how we met. Funny story. I wasn’t doing so well in Spanish but the teacher suggested Hayes tutor me and well I went from a B- to an A in no time," You said with a confident smile but it washed away when you saw Chad’s face, it wasn’t one of content but it wasn’t one of disgust so you weren’t exactly sure what to make of it. Thankfully though Elizabeth broke the silence.
"So y/n what is your favorite subject in school?" She asked.
"Well I really enjoy my creative writing class along with English," You tell her.
"That’s lovely, I really loved English when I was in college. In fact I majored in the liberal arts in college," She said with a proud-like smile.
"That’s what I am hoping to do," You said with a smile as you put another forkful of pasta into your mouth.
"Hey y/n, I’ve gotta question for you," Nash says as he finishes swallowing his food and you have to suppress a laugh.
"What is it Nash?" You ask with a smile knowing this can’t be good.
"Say a quote from your least favorite writer.""First of all that’s not a question it’s a command and second of all how could I? There are just so many," You say sarcastically. "I’m only joking, give me a moment," You said as you thought about it.
"I’m not a great writer," You finally said after some thought.
"And who said that?" Nash asked as he leaned forward.
"EL James and I completely agree with her statement," You said.
"Wait isn’t she the author of Fifty Shades of Grey?" Nash asked and you nodded.
"Well I’ve never read it and I don’t plan on it," Nash said as he took a sip.
"You better not," Elizabeth cut in and you had to refrain yourself from laughing too hard. "Nice choice of quote though, I don’t care for her writing either," She said.
"What about your favorite author?" Chad asked.
"My favorite author or my favorite quote by said author?" You asked.
"Why not both," He said as he took a sip of water.
"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who’ll decide where to go," You said without hesitation and a smile.
"DR. SEUSS!" You heard Skylynn cry out which surprised you but brought a smile to your face.
"Yes Skylynn that is correct," You said with a smile.
"I like him too," She said with a smile.
"I’m glad," You said with a smile.
"Why Dr. Seuss?" Chad asked.
"Well despite the fact that he writes children’s books if you look at the content within those children’s books they are silly rhymes of course but there are life lessons too and while they may be all dressed up in colors and silly words written all over the place they still have a deeper meaning. And that deeper meaning can be engraved into a child’s brain and help to construct their self-confidence in themselves and I admire Dr. Seuss for doing so," You said with a smile as you took a sip of your water to wash down the fantastic pasta Elizabeth had made.
"Interesting," Chad said as he leaned back in his chair as if he were thinking about it.
"Elizabeth dinner was delicious," You said with a smile and you could see a relieved smile form on her face. You felt a small squeeze in your hand and you looked down to see Hayes holding your hand and you smiled to yourself and squeezed back as if to say thank you.
"Well if anyone would like dessert?" Elizabeth announced.
"Thanks mom," Hayes said with a smile and Elizabeth started to clear plates.
"Here let me help you with that," You said as you stood up to help her.
"Oh thank you y/n but I’ve got it," She said with a smile.
"Please I insist," You begged and she finally gave in and you collected the plates.
"Kiss up," You heard Hayes taunt to you but you only stuck out your tongue to him. You made your way into the kitchen and set the dishes on the counter next to the sink.
"The desserts are in the fridge if you could get them out that would be wonderful," Elizabeth said as she washed some of the plates.
"Of course," You said with a smile as you opened the fridge to see six plates of cheesecake. "Oh how did you know? I love cheesecake," You exclaimed and Elizabeth laughed.
"I’m glad," She said. "Tell me y/n, is Hayes good to you?" She asks seriously and you couldn’t help but turn to her with a look of confusion on your face.
"Of course, Hayes is amazing, much better than anyone I deserve," You paused before continuing, "Hayes treats me really well and it’s nice for a change," You said quietly before looking up at Elizabeth who looked worried. "Oh I don’t mean that I was abused or anything, just none of my previous boyfriends ever really liked me for who I really was," You told her hoping to lighten the mood.
"Well let me know if Hayes ever does anything and don’t you worry I will put my son in his place, I will not have him mistreating girls," She said and you couldn’t help but laugh.
"Thank you," You said with a smile before you took out two plates of cheesecake and setting the first one in front of Chad and then one in front of Skylynn.
"Hey y/n where’s mine?" Hayes asked with a small attitude.
"Patience young grasshopper," You said in the deepest voice you could muster before rushing back to the kitchen to get two more plates. When you got back to the dining room table you served Nash first before slowly setting the plate in front of Hayes watching his eye twitch and you couldn’t help but giggle. When you made it back to the kitchen Elizabeth had finished washing the dishes and you took the last two plates out. You set Elizabeth’s in front of her seat before sitting in your own with your cheesecake. You waited patiently for Elizabeth to return as she was putting the dishes in the dishwasher. You saw Hayes start to eat out of the corner of your eye and you quickly caught his fork.
"Wait for your mother," You told him and you heard Skylynn giggle, and Nash smirk.
"Alright I’m here let’s eat," She said as she sat down. Everyone dug in and you had to stop yourself from moaning it was so good.
"You have to give me the recipe this is amazing," You tell Elizabeth.
"Well I am flattered y/n," She said.

Dinner was soon finished and it was time for you to go home. Thankfully you only lived a block away so Hayes was going to walk you home. After you said good bye to Hayes’ parents you stepped outside waiting for Hayes, but you couldn’t help but over hear.
"I really like her Hayes don’t mess this up," Chad said and you smiled to yourself. Go y/n!
"Yes Hayes treat her well," Elizabeth said.
"Believe me I don’t want to mess this up either," Hayes said and you blushed.
"Aww Hayes has a crush," Nash teased.
"Nash were dating! Of course I like her!" He shouted and you couldn’t hold back your laugh but you made sure it was quiet. Eventually they finished talking and you heard Hayes come out.
"So did they like me?" You asked feigning anxiousness.
"I know you better than you think and I know you were listening in so you tell me," He said with a smirk and raised eyebrows.
"Okay you caught me, but I couldn’t help it!" You confessed.
"I don’t blame you, but I told you they would love you," He said with a smile.
"Yes you did tell me," You said with an embarrassed smile.
"And I am always right!" He exclaimed.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa there mister I wouldn’t go so far as to say that," You said with a laugh as you guys walked down the sidewalk. It was a nice night out you could see all the stars and the moon was full.
"Are you saying I’m wrong?" Hayes questions.
"I’m just saying that you’re not ALWAYS right, sometimes you’re wrong," You said with a smile as you looked forward.
"Well I’m not wrong about one thing," He said as he looked forward as well.
"What’s that?" You asked still looking forward when you felt his hand grab yours.
"You." When he said that your heart practically stopped beating you thought you would need to dial 9-1-1.
"Wh-what?" You asked thinking you didn’t hear correctly.
"You heard me correctly y/n. I love you and I know you may not feel the same way right now but that’s okay because you don’t have to say it back but I can’t go any longer without you knowing how I truly feel about yo—"
He was cut off by you smashing your lips against his. While he was shocked he quickly started kissing you back and you smiled and allowed his tongue to explore your mouth as his hands gripped your waist.
You eventually had to pull away but you pulled away with a smile on your face.
"I love you too," You said and you watched as Hayes smiled as well before he picked you up and spun you around.
"OH COME ON! DON’T GO ALL NICHOLAS SPARKS ON ME NOW! YOU COULDN’T WAIT A COUPLE MORE BLOCKS?" You heard Nash yell out from the window and you couldn’t help but laugh.
"I—UM—I KNOW THINGS!!" He quickly shouted back but you and Hayes just snickered to yourselves as you grabbed the other’s hand and continued your walk home.
A walk home that would take 10 times around the block rather than one even though you wished it could be more. Because no matter how many times you walked around the block with Hayes, a walk home would never be enough time with him, you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him right there in that moment and you could tell he knew too, and all it took was a walk home.
Ehhh, not so sure but I hope you like it Ella!
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Magcon/Omaha crew picture preferences #16 YOUNOW/LIVESTREAM CUTE MOMENTS

Basically, you were doing a Livestream/Younow together and there were lots of cute moments. Hope you like it!

Aaron: You guys were at your house doing a Younow. You were reading all the comments the fans sent you. A fan asked you “Y/N, is Aaron a romantic boy?”. “Be careful what you say, babe!” Aaron told you and you answered the fan “well, not sure about that”. When you said that, Aaron, who was sitting behind you, hugged you from behind tightly.

Cam: Cam was sitting on his bed while he was doing a Younow. You were also in the room but you didnt want to be in there. A fan asked Cam if you were there and he said “Yes, she’s here, but she doesnt feel very well, so yeah”. You began to cough and he worried immediately asking you “Honey, are you okay?”. “I guess so” you said while Cam pulled you into his chest and started playing with your hair. All the fans were like “oww” and “omg so cute”.

Carter: Carter was doing a Younow and you were with him since you’re going to spend the night at his house. “Carter, can you tell us why do you love Y/N?” a fan asked and Carter said “Well, there are lots of reason why I love her, but she’s so sweet, kind, adorable”. You couldn’t help but smile and hug him tightly.

Hayes: You and Hayes were doing a younow, you were just sitting in his room in between his legs. A fan asked  “Will you Y/N come to the next m&g? I’d really like to meet her and take a picture with her, she’s so lovely”. You looked at him waiting for an answer and Hayes said “Well, it depends”. “It depends on what?” you asked him a bit worried. “If I want you to come” he said playfully while he pulled you close to him giving you a quick kiss on your nose.

Jack G: You were in your kitchen while you were waiting for your boyfriend to come over because you decided to do a Younow. “Y/N can you tell us where’s Jack?” a fan asked you. “He’s over there. He’s eating as usual” you said winking at him. He came over and gave you a kiss. Of course the fans made a lot of gifs because they thought you were super cute.  

Jack J: You and Jack were doing a Younow but you got bored at answering the fans questions since they were all the same. So you decided to challenge each other doing a staring contest. You won and you said “Ahah loser, I won” but he said “That’s not fair, your beautiful eyes and your pretty face kept distracting me”. You lifted his chin up and you kissed him while he smiled into your kiss.

Jacob: Jacob was doing a Younow but you didnt know. You surprised him at his house so he let sit you next to him. A fan asked Jacob if he could sing something and he decided to sing your favorite song. While he was singing you bit your lip. When he finished singing, you gave him a quick peek and looked at the ground, typical of you since you are a shy girl. Jacob, knowing you, gave you a kiss on the top of your nose and whispered “you so sweet baby, I love you so much”

Matt: You and Matt were having fun during his Younow. Fans sent you questions, asked to follow them and you tried to make them happy. You were sitting facing each other and when you looked into your eyes, you started laughing. He gave you quick kisses and you said “Matt, stop! Your fans are watching us!” and he answered “Ok, one last kiss!” You laughed and said “That was what you said 5 minutes ago!”

Nash: You and Nash had just finished answering fan questions on Younow and you wanted to kiss him desperately. You stole his snapback and you stared at his beautiful blue eyes. He kissed you  and you felt over his bed. Let just say that there were some PDA going around the room.

Nate: You and Nate got bored and decided to do a Younow. Nate began to rap some of his songs and everything was just perfect. There were so many questions from the fans about your relationship, how you met and so on. You stared into his eyes and he was waiting for you to kiss him but you decided to bite his lips knowing that he’d love when you do that. “See guys, she likes to bite my lips but that’s why I love her”

Sam: You and Sam were doing a Younow. “Yo guys, what’s up? I’m here with this boo” you said waving to the screen. “Oh my gosh Y/N, you so funny” he said in between laughs and he bagan telling the fans some of your awkward moments. You were of course so embarrassed and you said “Can you please stop Wilkinson?”. You grabbed a pillow and threw it on his face but he stopped you and threw it at you. You started hitting him over and over until he grabbed your leg and kissed you. And you started a pillow fight while the fans were watching this super cute scene.

Shawn: Shawn was doing a Livestream and the fans asked him to sing some of his songs. When he finished singing, you gave him a round of applause and smiled at him. On his face appeared a big smile and he noticed you staring so he said “Come here baby”. You sat on his legs and he pulled you close so he could kiss you better. After a round of kisses, he said looking at the screen “See guys, I’m so lucky to have her” you smiled saying “You’re the best boyfriend ever”.

Taylor: Taylor was doing a Livestream and you walked into his room. “Babe, come here and say hi to my fans” he said. You entered the room and sat on his lap. You smiled and said “Hi guys” waving to the screen. “Say you love me” you giggled. “I love Y/N” he said looking at the screen. Then he added “But I love you guys more”. He turned his face looking at your reaction. “That’s fine”. “I’m joking baby”. A big smile opened on your face and you kissed him on the cheek.



Part 17

Teagan’s POV
I lay silent in my bed still cuddled into Johnson’s side in the spooning position while he’s still sleeping, thinking about all the events that have gone on in the past few months. I think back to the first time I laid eyes on Sammy and actually spoke to him and how he gave me his signature cheesy smile, with his deep dimples on is cheek. How I analyzed him down to his last detail while he actual talked to me for the first time and I held back from him learning to much about me because I was still shy from not speaking to anyone through out my high school years. I’ve never had a boyfriend or even engaged into a conversation with any boys before I was paired up with the Jacks for a science project. I’ve never even had a close connection with my mother which leads her to never being home anymore for me to see her since she’s always going out. I haven’t had any close friends because I’ve always had trust issues ever since my father left us to go with his new girlfriend and completely forgot about me as if I never existed which really hurt me insi-. I was then shaken by Johnson waking up and planting a kiss on my cheek.
"Good morning Teag" Johnson yawned while stretching out onto the bed.
"Morning Johnson" I replied letting out an over dramatic sigh after.
Johnson then got up to go use the bathroom which gave me time to plan my outfit for the day, which consisted of a white crop top with a maroon red skater skirt and black gloss dr Martens. After I picked out my outfit I went to my mothers bathroom to shower and get dressed for the day. I take a 15  min shower so it will leave me time to do my hair and make up, wen I has finished I put my hair into loose curls and put on light foundation with a smoky eye and winged eye-liner. I walked out the bathroom and over to my room to see Jack struggling to put on his skinny jeans, as he paused looking at me like a deer caught in headlights.
"I see you pants are a little to tight" I chuckled, giving Johnson a smirk.
"They’re not tight, they’re just hard to put on" Johnson replied in a ‘duh’ kind of tone.
Johnson finally put on his pants, while I went over to go put on my boot. While I hopped around the floor trying to pull my boot on my foot
"Yeah and my shirts not tight either" I answered sassily while rolling my eyes.
"Your shirt is tighter than my rhymes" Johnson replied with a serious face.
"Oh really there’re  a lot of things tighter than your rhymes" I said walking down the stairs.
Johnson was quick to follow behind me and I began to make up both chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. While I was cooking Johnson decided it would be funny to throw pancake batter at me, which caused us to start grabbing the flour, sugar, and syrup out of the cabinet and throwing it at each other, causing a huge mess in the kitchen.I hear a door shut, but I pay no mind of it thinking it was Johnson, It was just then I saw somebody I thought I wouldn’t have to see in a while and it brought genuine tears to my face. Johnson grabbed me as he looked at my shocked ace thinking I was petrified by the person, before he turned around and saw the person I was looking at and looked down at me giving me a sympathetic look.
"Is it really you?" I asked the figure standing in the door entrance in front of me.

I love this😂😂