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YouNow couple moments


You and Jack were in his bedroom just hanging out on his bed watching one of your favourite movies. Johnson yelled from downstairs “Jack, I’m on YouNow and a lot of the fans are saying they want to see you, come downstairs”. Jack flopped over from his back to his stomach and lay on his face. “You are so lazy!” You said to him cause he wouldn’t even stand up. “I am not!” He said pretending to be hurt. “I bet you can’t even run down the stairs” You said teasing him. You stood up and walked towards the door of his bedroom as if getting ready to race him. “You’re gonna pay for that comment” He said getting up and starting to chase you down the stairs. You were a couple steps ahead of him until he caught up to you and spun you around and started to kiss you. “There they are!” Johnson said to the fans as sarcastically as possible.



Matt had been begging you all week to come on YouNow with him because the fans had been asking for it and he also thought it might be really fun for you two. You had agreed to go on that night for an hour max because you thought it might be really awkward just having the fans watch you hang out. Once you started the live stream it wasn’t even that bad, it was actually really fun. Answering questions on twitter and in the comments was hilarious and Matt kept pretending to be a dinosaur so you were enjoying yourself. One of the comments said “Matt you and y/n don’t even act like you’re dating, you act like you’re siblings”. You just laughed but Matt decided to take it one step further and kiss you. He covered up your faces though because he didn’t want it to be awkward. Once he pulled away, he went really close to the camera and said “if you still think we act like siblings then ya lying”.



Jack had invited you to come over that morning right when you woke up so you and jack were eating breakfast at his place. Jack was checking his twitter when he saw a fan ask him to go on YouNow. He thought it might be fun to go on with you and answer some questions. He logged on and pointed the camera at the two of you. You hopped up on the counter and the two of you started answering some fan questions. You said “hey Jack, can you pass me my cereal please?”. He grabbed the bowl and you reached out to grab it but he said, “no no, i’ll do it”. He started to feed you the cereal normally then he got carried away. The YouNow session ended with you having cereal all over your face and the bowl on the floor.



Aaron had been in a touchy feely mood all day so when he asked if you wanted to go on YouNow you weren’t surprised. You said sure because you loved all this extra attention he had been giving you. He wasn’t acknowledging the fans very much so you did most of the talking. He mostly starred at you and played with your hair and kissed you on the cheek every now and then. Although you were loving it, the fans were getting pretty annoyed that he wasn’t answering many questions so you finally said jokingly “what is up with you today?”. He looked at you and said “I don’t know? I just love you so much I can’t focus”.



You and Shawn had been on tour together for about a week now and you were starting to get bored of the tour bus. You two decided to go out side and do a live stream on YouNow. You were answering questions and Shawn sang a couple songs while you danced really awkwardly in the background. You got one question that said “show us your cutest couple moment”. You had no idea what to do but Shawn immediately said, “Oo! I got one. Y/A lie down over here”. You were pretty confused but you trusted him so you thought “who cares?”. You lay down on the patio and Shawn got into “position”. You swore for a second that he was going to do the grind on me dance but then he started to lean down to kiss you again and again. 



Aaron was doing a live stream on the porch of his and Taylor’s house just for good times and you and Taylor were inside making cupcakes. Aaron was making a lot of noise cause he was just being an idiot trying to entertain the fans. So you and Taylor decided to mess with him. You went outside using a side door. You said to Taylor “So what’s the plan?”. He said “Just follow me lead”. He picked you up and started running and yelling so you started to yell too. He ran in the background of Aaron’s YouNow back and forth about three times until the two of you got tired and Aaron was telling you to shut the fuck up.



Nash had been getting a lot of hate lately and you could tell that he was really hurting. So you went on twitter and asked the fans “For all of you that still support Nash, who would want to see us go on YouNow right now to cheer him up?” You immediately got TONS of favourites and retweets and comments saying “YAS GO ON NOW”. So you set up the camera and turned on the live stream without him knowing. Then you passed him your phone and showed him the tweet and the positive responses from the fans who still cared. You kissed him on the cheek and pointed to the camera and all he could do was look at you because he realized again how lucky he is to have you and the fans who support him.



Nash was on YouNow upstairs on his laptop and you and Cameron were downstairs playing ping pong and just being dumb asses. You had just been beat by Cameron at ping pong so you were pretending to sulk. You were sitting on the table with Cameron standing in between your legs. The two of you heard Nash coming down the stairs and he was talking to the fans. He yelled out at the two of you once he was in the basement “and here we can see the exotic Cameron consoling the sulking y/a who sucks at ping pong”. Then you and Cameron screamed and he said “Don’t look at my girlfriend” and he picked you up and spun you around and the two of you landed on the couch. Nash said to the fans “what a couple of dumb asses” then he turned around and left.



You were standing in your bedroom home alone waiting for Sam to come over. You wanted to surprise him with a live stream because you were always against it up until now. He had been asking you for weeks to go on with him but the idea of the fans having an opportunity to comment whatever they want on your live video made you really nervous. But that day you had decided to suck it up and just do it. You heard the front door of you house open and Sam said “Hey babe, i’m here”. You called down to him “I’m in my room, I have a surprise for you!” He came upstairs and into your room and saw right away the YouNow video happening. He came up behind you and kissed you on the cheek, then on the lips again and again. Then he looked at the camera and said “hi guys” and then looked at you and said “I love you so much”.


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