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It Was All For You. (Jack Gilinsky)

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Request:  Jack G. where you and him are best friends and you like him and he asks you for advice to have a date with Madison and you get really sad but anyway you help him and later you discover that the date was for you and you kiss and blabla

"Jack, what’re you doing tonight?" You asked one of your closest friends, Jack, through the phone.

"Um I was actually gonna plan a date to ask this one girl on tomorrow." He replies hesitantly. You and Jack were just friends, but you always felt something for him.

"Oh. Sounds fun. Who is she?" He took a few seconds to think about it before answering. You just assumed he didn’t want you to get upset, but in reality he had to keep it hidden that the date was actually for you.

"Madison, actually. Madison Beer." That hurt a little because you never liked her and he had chose her over you. [No hate to Madison guys]

"Oh." was all you could manage to say.

"Wanna help me come up with something? Since you’re a girl and all and you and Madison are pretty similar." You wanted to burst out in laughter and maybe even tears, you were nothing like her.

"Yeah sure." You didn’t want to help but he couldn’t know this got to you.

"Any Ideas?"

"Maybe take her to the beach? Or for ice cream? What about ice cream and then a walk on the beach? That sounds cute, do that one." You say, pleased with your idea.

"Thanks, Y/N! That works. I’ll talk to you later." He says and hangs up.

You were obviously upset, but he didn’t need to know that. You weren’t gonna ignore him just because he didn’t feel the same way as you did. 

*The Next Day*

It was around one and you just finished getting dressed when your door bell rang, you walked over to the door and opened it. There stood Jack.

"Jack, what are you doing here?" You asked, confused.

"Taking you on our first date." He smiled.

"Did Madison blow you off? Look Jack I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna be your second choic-" You’re cut off when Jack interrupts you.

"You’re my first choice, you always have been. Last night I was too afraid to tell you over the phone so I made up something. I’m sorry I made you think that, but Y/N you’re the girl I wanna spend the day with, everyday with." You blush.

"Okay, let’s go." You tell him grabbing your bag. You get to the car and Jack opens the door.

"Thanks." You say and he smiles in response. When you get to the board walk you go to the Ice cream stand and each order a cone. You walk hand and hand down the beach. You sit down in the sand later on, the water coming up to your feet.

"So, Y/N?" Jack asks.

Yeah?” You reply.

"Do you maybe wanna be my girlfriend?" He nervously says.

"What happened to confident Jack? and, yes, i’d love to." You say laughing, as he joins in and leans in to kiss you. You giggle a little against his lips as they finally meet. You spent the rest of the day together taking in the fact that Jack was officially yours.

You Surprise Him- Part 2.

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Scenario: You surprise your boyfriend at one of his M&G’s (CLICK THE BOYS NAMES TO SEE THE VIDEO)

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Coffee Shop Girl-Shawn Mendes Imagine- Chapter 6

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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

*Be interested in me
*Be kind to everyone
*Love family
*Know how to be themselves
*Be happy to have lazy days any time

I read over Shawn’s non-negotiable list for the 1000th time in 2 days. They were all things that I couldn’t just ask questions to know the answers. It would take time to know if they could be themselves or if they really did love their family. Shawn had actually taken time over his non-negotiable list. Unlike me.

"Ash, you coming with me to Nando’s tonight? You know how I am with first dates, need my protection there for me." I nodded, for the past year, every single first date that Lex went on I would hide in the background giving silent moral support. It was kind of like her ‘get out of jail free’ card. Looking down at what I was wearing I realised a change was in order. Jogging pants and a baggy T-shirt wasn’t going to cut it. Rushing around I grabbed my old pair of ripped jeans, tank top and leather jacket; casual but not likely to stand out, perfect combination. "Hurry up! I’m going to be late!" Lex called from outside my door. Hurriedly placing my keys, phone and list in my bag I opened the door and followed Lexi. As the front door opened, I was surprised to see Shawn standing there, a proud smirk playing all over his face.

"Shawn what are you.." Before I could finish, he butted in, obviously too excited to hold it in any longer,

"I’ve found him. The perfect guy for you. The guy that fits all your non-negotiables. He’s a really great guy. I can’t believe it took me 2 days to think of him, I’m such an idiot!" He muttered to himself. It didn’t take him long to recover and carry on with all the facts. "He studying music with me and is super talented, we all say he’ll be the next Ed Sheeran or something, he’s that good. What do you think?" Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lexi standing tapping her foot and constantly checking her watch, it was time to go.

"Thank you so much Shawn! I’m really sorry but now is really not a great time considering we were just going out to have something to eat. Do you think maybe we could meet tomorrow morning before my first lecture?" Disappointment flashed across his face but was gone in a second. His voice remained cheery despite the obvious sadness hiding behind it.

"Of course! I was going to ask if you wanted to go there now, but tomorrow sounds great. Honestly Ash, I think I’ve hit the jackpot for you here. I don’t think there’s a better guy out there for anybody than Danny." He turned away slightly, ready for the walk back down the staircase.

"Wait." I said before my brain had connected with my tongue. "Why don’t you come with us?" Lex had already shot me a warning glare, I easily ignored it. If I was going to have to sit through another one of her dates I wanted company. "I’m going to be sitting alone anyway, may as well have someone to talk to." His face lit up, whether it was from being able to tell me more about this guy, or that he was going to get a decent dinner rather than uni crap, who knows. "Lex, if you take your car, then Shawn and I will follow behind. Makes it seem less suspicious to the guy anyway." Shawn obviously still hadn’t caught on to what Lexi and I were doing as confusion was in every feature. Lexi simply nodded and stormed pass, pissed that we’d made her late.

Lexi had got to her car a lot quicker than us, so by the time we were on the way to following her, she was a few cars ahead. Shawn carried on the conversation that we’d had at the flat,

"I’ve already checked that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He hasn’t. Hasn’t for about 3 years now. That good right?" He didn’t leave a pause to answer, he was off again, in his element with this chat. "I’ll see if I can find a picture of him. I’m guessing you’ve never met him before, have you?" Once again it seemed like he was asking a rhetorical question. Peering over at him I saw his head down, eyes focused firmly on stalking this Danny’s Instagram hoping to find a decent picture. Uncontrollably I started giggling. His head shot up and he looked at me, "What?" Started to control myself, I answered,

"It’s just, you’ve become like this super detective or something taking this all so seriously and trying to find me a guy so quickly. It’s adorable. It makes me feel bad for not knowing to start with your list." My laughter had completely stopped now and was replaced for a sadness that I hadn’t shown as much dedication as Shawn.

"Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m not in any rush, just as long as you find me a really nice girl by the end of it. You could take the whole year for all I care." it hit me how lucky a girl would be to have a guy like Shawn in their lives. 

Pulling into Nando’s car park something was wrong. Lexi was running towards the car with tears streaming down her face…

Birthday Sex*Shawn Mendes Imagine for Y/N*

Im So sorry its late! Ive been doing my English and Collage course! But I hope you like it! Thanks so much for this request!

It is your best friend Shawn’s 16th birthday. The club scent is strong with alcohol and many different smokes. You are already shit faced after being at the party for an hour. 

"Having fun?" Shawn slurs grabbing you by your waist as you swayed sexually to the music. "Hella ya!" You slur pushing your ass into Shawn’s crouch more. He groans bring his lips to your neck. 

"Lets take this upstairs." You nod as you sneak out of the party and back up to your hotel room. Within seconds of entering your dress falls to the floor along with his shirt as he picks you up wrapping your legs around his waist. 

He sucks softly on your sweet spot causing you to moan. He smirks laying your back on the bed and kissing your lips softly. “Wait Shawn.” You groan as he gets back to your neck. 

"Yes?" "I can’t. We’re friends." "Y/N I love you. I always have. I just haven’t had the balls to tell you." He sighs pulling away and looking into your eyes. You grin, "Really?" "Yes." He laughs. 

You grab him by the back of the neck and bring him closer. He places  his hand on your thigh inching closer to your heat. You bite your lip slipping off Shawn’s shirt. 

Your breath hitches as you feel his finger run over your heat through your panties. You groan softly as he draws little circles through your now soaked panties. 

"Damn I did all this?" He smirks puling his hand away. You nod as he undoes his jeans.. You smirk and get up before pushing Shawn onto the bed. You crawl between his legs and kiss his lips, moving to his neck and leaving a love bite. 

He groans as you smirk and kiss down his chest getting to the rim  of his boxers. He bites his lip as you pull down his boxers to see his stiff member. You take his length into you hands and wrap your mouth around the head before moving down slowly. 

Your tongue swirls around his member as he throws his head back, ” Y/n.” You smirk and bob your head looking up, making eyes contact. Both of your eyes fill with lust and love. 

His member begins to twitch saying he was about to hit his breaking point. You smirk and pull away coming back up. You slip off your bra and panties before Shawn pins you to the bed, 

"Are you ready for this?" He questions. You nod as he slips in slowly. You groan adjusting to his size before his body towers over yours. His lips come in contact with yours as he thrust slowly. 

You claw his back as he picks up the pace and hits your g-spot. You gasp, “Shawn.” He smirks and keeps hitting the spot rougher and faster with in every thrust. 

"Im close." You moan clinching once. "Oh damn I am too. Do that again." Shawn says as his upper half becomes red. You do it once more before you both groan out riding your breaking points together, 

"Damn." Shawn says falling next to you. "I know." You laugh before he wraps you into his embrace. "So what are we?" He ask. "Im in if your in." Smiling you both make lip to lip contact before falling alseep. 

Cameron Dallas Fanfic- "Meant to Be" PART 22

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a/n: here is 22

The day after the fourth of July was always kind of upsetting. July 5th, it just sounded boring. I always spent the first half of summer looking forward to July 4th and after it, I always felt empty. Cameron was shooting all day today, too. I tried to dismiss the events of last night with Mark, until my mom texted me while she was at work. “You might want to check Us Today magazine’s website…” Was all her text said. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I ran upstairs to my room and opened my laptop. On the front page of the website, was a photo of Mark in sunglasses at the airport in Greenbrier. The headline read “Star’s Inside Dirt publicity person in Greenbrier for the movie shoot of Forever leaving for punching the star, Cameron Dallas?” I clicked on the article, and it basically said that Cameron’s managers sued Mark and the magazine, and that they now had to leave Cameron and the whole movie alone. I hoped that this thing would blow over, and that we would never have to hear about that magazine again.

The rest of my day was completely uneventful. I sat around and watched Netflix all day. It was like 11:30pm, and I was in my room still watching Netflix. Cameron had gotten off of work at like 9, and we had just been texting since then. He hadn’t answered in like 30 minutes, but I didn’t really care. My phone dinged so I looked down at it. There was a text from him that read:

“Abbie, I know it’s late but I really need you right now. Please come to the hotel… I need someone… I love you.”

I immediately got nervous, and just about jumped out of bed. I was already in leggings and a t-shirt. I slid on my vans and basically ran down the stairs before I was stopped by the worst obstacle: my parents. “And just where do you think you’re going?” My dad asked. I sighed and said “to see Cameron…” “Why are you sneaking around?” My dad asked. “I’m not!” I said loudly. I walked over to the counter and grabbed my car keys. My parents looked furious. “There’s something wrong… you have to let me go…” I said. “What’s going on?” My mom asked. “I don’t know!! He sent me a text… and I… I don’t know what’s going on. He needs me… something bad happened. I don’t know what.” I shouted. I started walking towards the door when my dad shouted “Abbie! Do not walk out of that door.” Suddenly, my eyes filled with tears. I needed to be with Cameron. I needed to make sure he was okay. I was terrified of what could be wrong. I turned back around towards my parents and said “Haven’t you guys ever been in love? I need to make sure he is okay. We’re not gonna do anything. He’s not like that. I thought you realized that by now. He has no one out here. Please.” Tears continued to stream down my cheeks, and I think they were to my advantage. My mom sighed and said “Go ahead…” I looked at my dad for approval and he nodded his head. With that, I spun around and nearly ran out the door and into my car. It was a very short drive from my house to his hotel on the beach. I ran inside the hotel and to the elevator, up to his room. I knocked lightly, and after a few seconds, Cameron opened the door.

His cheeks looked stained with tears. I saw his eyes getting watery again. “Cameron… baby what’s wrong?” I whispered. “My grandma… she’s gone…” He whispered, as he began to sob. I’d never seen him like this… I didn’t know he could even be like this. My heart nearly dropped. Seeing him like this… it broke my heart. I wrapped my arms around him, and let him cry into my shoulder. After he seemed to calm down, we sat on the edge of his bed. “What happened?” I asked. “She… she had a heart attack… I can’t believe she’s gone. Sierra called me like an hour ago and told me...” He whispered. Cameron was just staring at the floor. “And… and I was gonna go back home this week. I could’ve seen her…” He said. I heard it in his voice that he was tearing up again. I put my arm around him, and rubbed his back. “It’s not your fault… when was the last time you talked to her?” I asked. “Last night… the 4th of July was her favorite holiday… so I called her after the fireworks and everything…” Cameron explained. “Well then it’s good… she got to spend her last day, on her favorite holiday,” I said, trying hard to cheer Cameron up. He finally looked up into my eyes. “Thank you, Abbie.” He said. “Of course… for what?” I asked. “Being here… you’re an amazing girlfriend.” He said. I smiled and kissed his forehead lightly. He looked exhausted. “Are you tired?” I asked. Cameron nodded weakly. “Come on, let’s go to bed.” I said. “Don’t you have to get back home?” He asked me. “Don’t worry about me at all.” I said. Cameron was in sweatpants and a t-shirt already. He laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. I grabbed a blanket and laid next to him with the large blanket overtop of us. I had my hand on his chest and my eyes were beginning to shut when I felt his chest start to sob again. My eyes opened to see him crying again. It was so painful to see him like this. I rubbed his chest calmly and kissed his cheek. “Cameron… I love you. Don’t forget that.” I whispered. “I love you too Abbie… so much.” He said. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly as we both seemed to fade off to sleep.

I was awoken by the pleasant feeling of Cameron’s lips on my cheek. It was still dark in his hotel room. “Abbie… can…. Can we go out to the beach?” Cameron whispered. I looked at my phone. It was 4:15am. I sat up slowly and stretched, as Cameron did the same. His messy hair looked perfect. “The ocean always reminded me of her… she used to live around San Francisco, back when I was a kid. When I would look at the ocean I always knew she was also outside by the ocean. It was kinda like our safe haven. Our little connection. Even though we’re at the Atlantic Ocean and not the Pacific… I still want to see the ocean…” Cameron explained. I smiled and said “of course… let’s go.” I didn’t even care that it was 4am. I would do whatever made Cameron feel any better. I slid on my vans and grabbed Cameron’s hand as we walked out of his room and towards the elevator. The hotel was ocean front, so we walked out of the lobby right to a small pathway that led to the beach. Once we reached the shore, we stopped walking. I looked up at Cameron, to see he was just staring out at the water. “You okay?” I asked quietly. He nodded, as I saw a tear slide down his cheek. I stroked his upper arm, trying to make him feel better. “Can we lay down?” He asked. I looked at him like he was crazy, but saw he was serious so I nodded. We walked back a little and laid down in the sand. The sound of waves was so relaxing to me. I felt my eyelids getting heavy, so eventually I must’ve closed my eyes and fell asleep in Cameron’s arms on the sand.

a/n: Here is 22! I know it’s kinda random, what happened, but I wanted to add an emotional scene that was sad. I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you thought of this part please! (:

20 years from now
  • Daughter:I have a blog!
  • Me:Really? I have one too
  • Daughter:What was it about?
  • Husband :Me

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