Jack G Imagine (Better Than a Smoothie)

Jack G Imagine (Better Than a Smoothie)
Request: can you do a Jack G imagine where you two are at the mall and you run into Jack’s ex and she flirts with him and is a total bitch to you
Yeah I can beautiful anon :) This is funny because I went to the mall today and I must say that I spent my money wisely and got a bunch of new stuff
"Just one more stop, I promise Jack," You told him as you dragged him along behind you.
"Okay fine, but can I please get a smoothie first?" He asked and you had to give in.
"Sure," You said and he smiled as he leaned over and pecked your lips. You headed over to Jamba Juice to wait in line for a smoothie when you saw a girl walking towards both you and Jack.
"Um, Jack do you know her?" You asked confused since she was waving in your general direction. Jack turned to see where you were looking and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.
"Oh sh*t," He cursed as he tried to hide behind you.
"What? Who is that?" You asked.
"That’s Maddi my ex," He whispered into your ear and you grew tense. You had heard an awful lot of things about ‘Maddi’ from Jack. She didn’t sound all too nice.
"You do know she already saw you," You whispered to Jack.
"Yeah but I mean it doesn’t hurt to try," He replied as you just sighed and rolled your eyes.
"JACK!" You heard from your right, but you may not be able to hear now because of how high pitch her voice was.
"Maddi," Jack said through clenched teeth.
"So nice to see you here," She said completely ignoring you. You just kind of stood there looking at the back of her head but inside you were burning up.

"Wish I could say the same for you," He muttered quietly so only you could hear and you tried to cover your laugh but Maddi heard you. She spun around and gave you an up and down look.
"And who are you? Please don’t tell me this is your new girlfriend Jack, you could do so much better than," She paused to find a word before she gestured to your entire figure, "this," She said with a smirk as your mouth hung open. You weren’t going to take her crap.
"You know what. Jack could do a lot better than me because Jack is an amazing guy who you’re no longer dating because as I recall he dumped you so why don’t you go back to wherever you came from so we can get on with our day," You said with an innocent smile. You weren’t all too great with thinking on your feet so that was pretty good for you. Her mouth fell open and you had to hold back a sadistic smile.
"Jack are you going to let her talk to me like that?" She asked turning to him and you practically collapsed with how annoying she was being.
"Actually I am. I am not dating you anymore Maddi, we broke up for a reason. And frankly I don’t think I could do much better than y/n because I love her. I think she’s smart, funny, beautiful, and genuine. Unlike you," Jack said and you couldn’t not smile.
"How dare you talk to me like that!" She squealed and now she was making a scene.
"Last time I checked sweetheart this was a free country," You said as you looked at your nails like you couldn’t care less.
"Hey y/n," She suddenly says and you look up. She leans in to whisper something in your ear and you probably looked horrified like ‘what is this bi*ch doing in whisperin’ in my ear?’ "You know Jack doesn’t love you, he’ll cheat on you just like he did on me," She whispered before pulling away and smiling sweetly before turning around and walking away.
What the heck?
"What did she say to you?" Jack asked looking concerned.
"That you would cheat on me just like you cheated on her. Is that true? Did you cheat on her?" You asked Jack.
"What? That’s not true. I didn’t like her anymore so I dumped her, I never cheated on her," He said defensively.
"Okay, okay. I believe you Jack. I didn’t believe her but I wanted to make sure," You said. The line had moved up and now you were at the front of the line.
"Hi what can I get for you today?" The server, Kaitlyn, asked. You were waiting for Jack to order but he never did. You looked to the side to see what was wrong but he had walked away. You apologized to the server before running after him.
"Wait! Jack! Where are you going?" You cried out but he didn’t stop. You eventually caught up with him and he looked angry. "Jack are you okay?" You asked quietly and then he stopped. He looked at you still with a hard gaze which you could almost feel. Finally he sighed which broke the gaze and his face softened.
"No, I’m sorry y/n. I didn’t mean to just storm off," He breathed out. You grabbed his arm and held it as you looked up at him.
"It’s okay I just want to know if you’re okay," You said to him looking at him with concern.
"Yeah I’m fine, just can we please go home?" He whined and you laughed.
"There’s the old Jack," You teased but you complied to his request as the two of you exited the mall and headed to the car.
"You know I love you," Jack said when the two of you were in the car. You looked at him with confusion.
"Of course I know that," You said. "Why would you think that I didn’t?" You asked him.
"I just didn’t want you to take to heart anything that Maddi said. Y/n I think you are amazing and I couldn’t have anyone better if there’s anyone who deserves better it’s you not me," Jack tumbled out. "You’re so kind without even trying, you’re hilarious, you’re gorgeous in anything, you can always find the bright side of everything, and you are extremely intelligent. I just don’t want you thinking that I don’t love you because…god y/n I don’t think there’s anything not to love about you," Jack rambled on and on as your heart melted and melted. You grabbed his face and held it in your hands.
"Oh I love you Jack. I know that you love me there isn’t any doubt in my mind, even though that sounded really conceited but the point is I know how you feel about me and her words don’t mean anything to me. I care about you not her. I love you, I trust you," You reassured him and a smile formed on his face.
"This is why I love you," He said before his lips met yours and the two of you were in a heated make out session in your car, in the middle of a parking lot, somewhere in Omaha, in  Nebraska, in the US, in the world, in the Universe. Out of all the places you could be, you were making out with your boyfriend in a mall parking lot.
"Much better than a smoothie," Jack said before winking at you
This is extremely short I know, but I just wanted to put one out before I went to school tomorrow :)

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Randomly talking about each other

You woke up and Jack was laying next to you you could not help but smile. He was so cutie, his hair was stroked on his forehead, his eyes closed making he look like the most peaceful. He was like an angel on earth. You softly kissed his cheek and forehead before you get up and go to the kitchen prepare something to you both. Because it was the day, his birthday was like one week ago and you weren’t together, but today is your 1 year aniversary so you want things to be perfect.
You were randomly singing whild cooking when you felt someone hugging you from behind. You smile, you know who is the one. You suddenly back to him kissing and hugging him. Jack smirks.
“Woah do the beatiful girl always kiss anyone who hugs her or what?” You wink at him.
“Only when I know it is the one who calls for love of (y/n)’s life.”
“Uh…. I’m pretty sure. But who would that one be?”
“I dunno maybe that Jack Johnson kid.”
“Oh from that random Jack and Jack group?”
“YES DO YOU KNOW THEM? FANGIRL WITH ME” You laugh and he looks at you pretending to be scared.
“Oohh yeaaahh that Jack J is that cutie lil rapper who kills it yeah i know”
“No bitch. It is Gilinsky.”
He get confused. “Are you playing being a fake fan?” You laugh.
“I love you Jack.”
“I love you to your random babe. Happy one year anniversary by the way.”

Always Broken Part 2

 - I do infact change the POV in this part, sorry!

  It’s been a week since the blow up on Sam, and I already feel better knowing that I am done being treated like shit by him and being so upset all the time. I sat on the bed and read a book until I my phone went off, it was a call from Jack. “Hey, I heard about you and Sammy, he has been moping around.” he says. “Well, if Sam actually cared he wouldn’t have been fucking around with his assistant or whatever she was.” I reply sternly. “Is this the reason you called me?” I ask annoyed. “Well, partially. But, I also called to ask you if you would be busy later?” he says quietly.”Well I was just planning on staying in and eating my life away.” I joke. “Well, good I will be over at 8 to get you.” he says sweetly. “See you than.” I say than hang up. I clutch the phone it to my  chest, thinking about what just happened.

   I sit there and debate on getting up or reading for another hour. I soon decide to get up and start a bath to sit in and relax and continue to read so win, win right? I have 3 hours before Jack comes over to pick me up. I sit and soak in the tub and start to drift into a deep thought about what he has planned for us tonight, and what I should wear.(not sure if it was a date or not) I continue to sit in the bath and decided to get out before I completely turned into a raisin.

    After being clean it was lotion, than clothing deciding. I wasn’t exactly sure if I am supposed to dress up or casually. So I went with leggings because they go either way. I wore this cute sweater with it and boots, I finished my makeup, and than curled my hair when the doorbell rang. I sprinted down the stairs, and opened the door out of breath. “Hello,” I say quietly. “Hey, you look amazing.” Jack says with a sweet smile. “Come in, I have to go grab my boots. I will be right back.” I say grabbing his forearm and bringing him in. “Okay, I will be here. Waiting.” he responds with a sly smile. I come back with my boots on, and he has his back turned to me, he turned around and I never noticed before but he had the most defined facial structure. 

   “Are you ready to go?” he says putting his hand out for me to grasp. “Yes, I am.” I say with a smile. He escorts me to his sleek black Cadillac with my arm in his, he is quite the gentleman opening my door and all. The inside of the car was just as nice as the outside if not better, nice black leather. I waited for Jack to join me in the car. “Are you wanting to be where I take you a surprise?” he says with a dark sensual tone in his voice. “Uh, why not?” I fire back. I sit there and watch as his jaw tightens when he focuses on driving, the way his hands clutch the wheel, the way the button up outlines his neck and how it perfectly fits his torso. “Did you hear me?” he says with a confused look. “Uh,” I stutter shaking my head to make sure I am fully out of my trance. He chuckles. “Are you okay?” He says sarcastically with a smirk. I sit  there and blush.

  “I know the last thing you want to think about right now is Sam, but he is pretty upset about what happened.” Jack says giving me a sympathetic look. I try my best not to let the anger get the best of me, “You know what, it is sad that he is moping everywhere looking for sympathy when he was the one cheating on me. So I am sorry if he begged you to take me out to see if I would give into his pleads, but I will not. I am not someones’ toy to be played with. I am a god damn woman and I deserve respect.” I sit there in silence after what had just come out of my mouth, I wait patiently for Jack’s reply. “I understand that, and I am sorry that I brought him up, he did not in fact beg me to come out with you, I chose to myself. I have always wanted to get to know you more, you interest me. And you do deserve respect.” he says with a sweet mellow tone in his voice. “I am sorry,” I state barely audible.”It is alright, I understand.” he says and focuses on the road. The rest of the ride was quiet.

  He brings me to a little cafe downtown by the old park. He pulls into a parking spot swiftly and smoothly, I’m utterly impressed to be honest. I open the door and he walks over to me and meets me to walk in. The lady at the stand gives Jack a very long look, and asks if we want a booth or table. He looks over at me and waits for me to answer. “I would like a booth.” I state. She takes us to our table and Jack waits for me to sit first before he takes his seat. “You are very polite, I like that.” I say with a slight smile. “Yes I am, like I said earlier you deserve respect.” The waiter comes up and asks us what we would like. Jack looks at me, giving me the sign that I should order first. “I would like a bowl of chicken noodle soup, and a raspberry cream soda.” I say with a friendly tone in my voice. I look over after I get done ordering to see what Jack is going to order. “And I would like the same.” He states with a slight smile. The waiter walks away.

  “I know I don’t want to think about Sam, but did he say why he cheated on me?” I ask barely audible. “No, he didn’t have a good reason or anything, I have no clue why he would cheat on you.” Jack responds. “Hm, what a typical cheater.” I say with no emotion. Jack doesn’t respond. 

  The drinks come and shortly after our soups come too. “I actually needed this, I needed soup and a comforting drink. Thank you for the offer to go out with you.” I say while blowing on my spoonful of soup. He has a smile plastered on his face, “You’re very welcome.” That was the most I have seen him show emotion all evening. We finish our food and Jack pays and we walk out the door. “Would you like to go and explore downtown?” He says with a slight smile. “Sure.” I say with a grin.

Going to the Show with Jack Johnson

Alright Cassidy! I hope you like it. :)


The alarm clock screamed loudly making me jump up quickly. I turned it off and looked at the time. Almost eleven. I had to start getting ready now for the award show with the boys tonight. I jumped into the shower and washed up quickly and shaved. When I got out a shiver went up my spine and I turned on my curling iron. I dried off and then went back to my room. I checked my phone.

'Hey baby girl. I can't wait till the show tonight. See you soon.'

Jack had texted me that while I was in the shower. I pulled out the bag with my new dress in it. I put it on and went back to the bathroom. I curled my hair within and hour and did my make up. It was almost time for the boys to pick me up so I unplugged the curling iron and put away all my make up. I put my accesories on and then went into my room. I grabbed my clutch and put on my heels that matched the dress. I looked into the body mirror and smiled at my appearance. My phone rang. I answered it quickly.

"Hello there." I smiled wide.

"You ready baby girl?" Jack asked.

"Yeah. Are you outside?" I asked.

"Yeah. Come on out. We’re waiting." He said.

I hung up and grabbed my keys. I walked out the door locking it behind me. I began to walk toward the SUV and smiled when Jack was waiting for me.

"You look amazing." He smiled.

"So do you handsome." I smiled.

He pulled me in close for a hug and then kissed my lips softly. He helped me into the car and he got in behind me. I waved at Gilinsky and Matt.

"Since when is Mr. Espinosa joining us." I laughed.

"Since last night when he said he was getting a ride with us." Gilinsky laughed.

"Shut up. You guys all love me. Just admit it." Matt laughed.

Soon we were all talking and laughing about everything. This was what I loved about Jack. He never got jealous if one of the boys talked to me or touched me. He was chill. But toward other people, he was protective. We pulled up to the drop off area and got out. I walked behind the guys as they walked the carpet. Jack didn’t want anyone to know about our relationship because he didn’t want me to get hate. So I was always known as their best friend. I still got hate over that, but it wasn’t bad. I felt a pair of hands on my waist and I looked to see Jack there.

"What are you doing?" I asked in a giggly voice.

"Standing with my girlfriend. Because you mean a lot to me baby girl." He smiled.

"Hey, Jack, interview over here." Matt hollered.

He sighed and walked over. I had some people asking me to get pictures with them so I did, then they photographers were also taking pictures of me even though they didn’t know me. I stopped when I saw 5 Seconds of Summer standing behind me. I remained calm and watched as they came up to me. I smiled.

"Hey there. I don’t think I know you." Michael smiled.

"No, I came with my- friends. They are right over there." I pointed to them.

"Jack and Jack. Nice. So what’s your name?" Calum asked.

"Cassidy." I smiled.

"Well, if you were here with me, I wouldn’t have left you back here by yourself." Michael flirted.

I began to giggle and this must have got Jack’s attention. I heard my name and I turned and saw him waving me over.

"Well, I gotta get over there. It was nice meeting you guys. Oh, before I go, can we get a pic?" I asked getting my phone.

"Sure." Michael spoke.

We got a picture and I waved bye to them. I walked over to the boys and stood by Gilinsky.

"So this is the best friend we always see you guys hanging with." The interviewer asked.

"Yeah. Actually, this is my girlfriend." Jack said suddenly.

I looked at him and just became shocked. He just said that on air. Live. To wherever this is airing right now.

"Didn’t think that was coming." Gilinsky laughed awkwardly.

Jack pulled me over to him and kissed me softly. I smiled and pulled away slowly.

"So, it’s finally out." Matt smiled.

They ended the interview and we took more pictures, they did one other interview and then we went inside. I saw the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer again and walked over to them.

"We should hang out sometime." I said.

"Cool. What’s your number we can hit you up while were here in Cali." Luke said.

I gave him my number and that’s when Jack came over. He wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Boys, this is my boyfriend Jack Johnson." I smiled.

We talked and then we were told to go take our seats. I sat beside Jack and we watched the whole award show. As we were leaving a few of his fans were waiting so he stopped and got pictures with them.

"I don’t know why you’re with her." One of them said.

I just looked and walked away toward where Matt was. Then I heard Jack say something.

"I’m with her because she keeps me down to earth and actually cares about me. She makes me happy and if you guys were true fans, you would be happy for me. Now, if you can excuse me, I gotta get my princess home for the night. She has school in the morning." He said.

He walked away from them and came over to me. He held out his hand for me to take and I did. We found the SUV and all got in. We pulled up at my place and he helped me out. I walked toward my door and stopped when I heard the SUV drive away. He didn’t even-

"Are you gonna let me in beautiful?" He said from behind me.

"Yeah. Let’s go cutie." I laughed and pulled him inside.

We went to my room and I got changed and Jack grabbed some of his stuff from his dresser. I got into bed and he slid in beside me. I smiled when he pulled me closer to him and kissed my forehead.

"I love you, and no one can ever change that." He smiled at me.

"I love you too Jack. You mean everything to me." I told him. "And thank you for finally saying that we are dating. It meant a lot to me."

"Anything for the girl that makes me happy." He smiled.

I cuddled closer into his side and dozed off into dreamland.


1,150 words. I really hope you like it. I tried really hard with this imagine for you. magconn-is-lifee

If I could be transported into a mystical world,which one would it be?

Hello Katie! Narnia or Harry potter! I don’t know if either count, but I wish 


Date outfit

Best friend:



Small blurb:

“Hooooo I’m so nervous” You breathed out, shuddering as Nate pulled into the parking lot next to your gymnastics school. As a part time job, you wanted to work as a teacher to teach the under 10′s group. It was easy enough, just get them to stretch as much as you could and teach some routines. “Don’t stress babe, you will be fine” He smiled, pecking your lips and getting out of the car, jogging to the other side to open the door for you. You smiled softly, taking his arm and shutting the door, walking up to the doors that you have seen millions of times before. You shook of your worry, opening the door and walking in with Nate, seeing the head of the school in front of you. “Hello Mrs. Briggs” You smiled at her, shaking her hand as she led you into the office and Nate stayed out on the chairs.

“I got it!” You squealed, jumping into Nates arms as he stood up, curiosity in his eyes. “Thats brilliant Katie!” He smiled, kissing you “Now time to celebrate” he smirked. 

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