* * *

Su kurb huuleprunt
Sind ma ulun kui hunt
kõrvus kinnine toon
luulde enese poon


Su käsivars kui
magav valge luik
Su süles on ära
rändava kure huik


Su silmades udu
mu mõtetes sadu
Sa enam ei karju
avan vihmavarju


vaikus on Sinus
ja vaikus on minus
mööda Su nahka
variseb tuhka


näen - lahkuvad jalad
oma jäljed täis valad
aeglaselt nagu mett
lilledest joomata vett


just told my boyfriend that I will punch his ex in the face if she tries anything while we are camping. I really have no clue where this aggression comes from, people would say low self esteem but I think it’s more my ‘take no shit’ attitude of the last few months. 

Maybe I should do some kind of fighting sport, a self defense course or some krav magav or something… Whenever I go out drinking I’m almost looking for a fight. The people I verbally attack are way out of line but ignoring them/gently letting them down just as most of the girls do when they go out would be a much easier solution.

I used to be such a nice gentle kind person, in any situation except when I thought something wasn’t fair (mainly people getting bullied). 

I need to get more balanced. But on the other hand I’ve been told my whole life to smile and be nice and graceful and I really shouldn’t care.

Leaders of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, a Palestinian group that plans non-violent resistance-actions against in the West Bank, detained at a checkpoint between Ramallah and Bethlehem. The men were held for a few hours and then released after protestors converged on the checkpoint, demanding their release.
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