Mafrika Music Festival Kicks Off a Harlem Summer

by Kathleen M. O’Donnell


Crucial Bridge and the Inity Band


Osekre and the Lucky Bastards

On Sunday, June 15, small crowds gathered to hear music of the motherland at Marcus Garvey Park’s Richard Rogers Amphitheater. The 8th annual Mafrika Music Festival was hosted by Burkinabé Entertainment, a small company dedicated to promoting and developing African Art & Culture in the United States. Sunday’s eight-hour concert was the culmination of a weekend packed with concerts at infamous Harlem venue Shrine and it’s sister restaurant, Silvana.

Afrobeat band Osekre and the Lucky Bastards and Reggae specialists Crucial Bridge and the Inity Band brought down the bandshell while Harlem residents danced and sang along. In addition to the music, Silvana doled out delicious eats, local artisans sold hand-crafted jewelry and New York City Council Faith Based HIV/AIDs Initiative provided rapid HIV testing.


Another PureJoy tour is complete, we traveled from the 10th of May to the 4th of June…
We performed MAfrika at 3 schools in Kwazulu Natal, trained UP 7 new Care Clowns, visited a hospital and UPlifted +-20 children and we delivered a joy talk to over 140 adults. We also put on 2 MAfrika shows in Mpumalanga & a joy workshop….
Bringing our total PureJoy outreach to over 2500 people.

Our work has grown so much over the last 10years and we’re now rippling out our UPliftment nationwide. LoVe is the access to Joy and we share them both freely.

Throughout the PureJoy tour journey, our work of Heart (our car that travelled us over 3000kms), we handed out hearts and shared smiles and Purely Joyful was how we left people.

It is our intention to keep sharing and growing joy and we thank ALL our sUPporters for keeping us UP, so we can do this awe-inspiring work.

Special thanks to: Parmalat PureJoy, Superwrap, Secret LoVe Project, Jenny Braun, MumZ, Trudi Conradie, Charmaine Sparrow, Jon-Luke Lourens
Debbie Mofsowitz, Acorn B&B, Assitej, Umduduzi Hospice care, Conscious Cafe and Seeff Ballito for your sUPport!

Also thanks to Barbra, Aseza and Folake for helping the tour to flow! Team YAY!

And finally thanks to ALL the Care clowns, joy catalysts and prayerful friends who keep loVe & joy growing.
We are one special family. God Bless you ALL!


Absolutely thrilled to be acknowledged as one of the GLAMOUR WOMEN ON THE YEAR for 2013…

On Thursday I’ll even be getting an award… YAY!!! None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the awesome friends and JOY family I have who also love to share JOY… I carry this acknowledgement to each & every Care Clown - I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Watch on

Short video of PitchBlak Brass Band at Mafrika music festival yesterday. They were great, but their set was cut short. Pics to come shortly.


Day 18 & 19 - hold the completion of the first JOY TOUR… YAY YAY YAY!

I have just got back home in Cape Town and my heart is full of LOVE & I feel so hugely BLESSED!

In just 18 days, together with all my soul JOY family - we have shared joy with over 3400 people… Over 1800 of them, have been from previously disadvantaged communities. We also trained UP 20 new Care Clowns and gave joy talks to over 200 adult folk including 120 teachers. 

We have set UP a new hospital, so as from next week, Gauteng will be UP to 3 hospitals receiving regular joy and close on 100 children will have consistent doses of YAY from care clowns.

This has whole JOY TOUR has been a remarkably rewarding, fulfilling and yay journey - I would like to thank everyone who has supported the joy tour - especially Parmalat PureJoy and all the individual donors, Enterstage, Courier IT, Avis, OrtJet, PEAC Solutions, Cosmos City primary, Kaalfontein Secondary, King David Primary & High schools. 

And further thanks & Yay to:

Trudi, Adi, Robyn, Jenny, Chantal,  Lesley, Laureen, Siobhan, Sianne, Shira, Christine and Daphna & all the Play Yayers. Also all the new & current care clowns & all the media and Bloggers that supported - thank you…and Aseza & Robyn PA more thanks to you too…. 

To each and everyone who was somehow part of the joy tour… Proper Yay thanks to ALL !!!

We are doing it Dear Ones - we are healing the world and each other with LOVE & JOY… Keep it UP

I am so deeply moved to continue to grow joy in this inspiring manner and stay tuned for a nationwide joytour plan for 2014. 

Keep shining all, keep building bridges and being a source of love in the world… Know you are LOVED…

Thank you ;)

Love Nicola Jackman - Aka MAfrika

Jam packed week. Thankful to EVERYONE who helped make it a success! Be sure to stay tuned for some of my upcoming blogs from a few of the places I went this week.

From top clockwise: Quad Studios, NYC, Gran Piatto D’Oro, NYC, & Shrine, NYC.

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Day 9 of 21days of happy food…
I continue to enjoy my morning juice and limit sugar and processed food. My energy is high and I feel great!
I’m also full steam ahead with the joy tour prep & juggling life is not stealing my joy. Feeling super Blessed… Giving & receiving still everyday and feeling the flow - have had such amazing contributions from folks & today I gifted a lift to the airport & some uplifting cards ;0)
Love life!


Day 17 of the JOY TOUR - What an amazing show at Victory Theatre - YAY thanks to all the Dear Ones for all the support.

Special special thanks to Parmalat PureJoy and all the individual joy supporters -  for the financially backing The JOY TOUR - what a WOW joy journey!! Further thanks to Adi, Robyn, Laureen, Les, Jenny, Trudi, Lisa, Michelle & Victory Theatre Staff for your parts in making tonight so extra yay special…

Tomorrow is the last official day of the tour & I’ll be meeting with Edenvale Hospital to help set up Care Clowning there with our newest group of Joy Catalysts… Every moment of this joy tour has been a Blessing a yay WOW experience and I think each and every individual that was part of it - with ALL my heart! 

As MAfrika would say “Mintyl HaXaku" - it means "I LOVE YOU"


yay Day 16 of the JOY TOUR and today MAfrika reached 600 children at Cosmos City Primary 2… Oh my hat - yay - wow… The response was phenomenal, the message so well received and when I left the school, I could still hear shouts of “Mintyl HaXaku”…

Amazing amazing amazing - just finished the final Play Yay session with coaches too and feel fulfilled and blessed to live this crazy actress, joy catalyst life…

Special special thanks to Lucas for arranging today… Then all my soul sisters… Trudi for the technical support, Jenny for the sound gear, Les for hosting me, Robyn for actioning so much support and Adi for networking this all with your desire to care clown!!! Yay yay yay!


Day 14 of the JOY TOUR and wow what an amazing day of seeds of love and joy being planted…
Over 800 Dear Ones from King David Primary saw the MAfrika show and learnt from the WOWders… Then 60 teachers had a JOY Session and walked away with tools to transform fear into LOVE… I LOVE my LIFE - another yay fulfilling day…

Tomorrow the 15th Oct - is the LIVE joy talk at Victory Theatre - so looking fwd to it!! Combining entertainment, comedy, play and laughter with loads of JOY tips…
Show starts 19:30
Tickets available in quicket
Tickets at the door R120


Day 11 of the JOY tour… Quick completion of another wow day!!!
Reached 200 preprimary Dear Ones with MAfrika at Yeshiva College…
Then tech check for King David for Monday and a pop in at Victory Theatre to check for Tuesday’s joy talk and MAfrika on Thursday… All looks yay wow amazing!

Life is grand! Joy is contagious and I’m sending love to all!!


Day 5 & 6 of the JOY Tour have been wonderful rejuvenation days with amazing friends… Xeshu is a MAfrika expression - the pic above is showing the meaning - Hand HUG!
Also fitted in a MAfrika rehearsal today - in preparation for the shows over the next 2 weeks.
All is great, life is grand, Blessed and full of yay! Special thanks to my dear friends for my first full Shabbat - what a Blessing to be part of such love and cherishing of God & community and life!
Yay for you all!

And managed to squeeze in a catch UP of day 1 Care Clowning today for 2 more keen joy catalysts - taking our 2nd session tomorrow night to a yay group of 27! Woohooo!!! Here’s a little clip made in Zoo Lake And here’s another Happy happy Birthday Shira!