mafia capitalism

…explicates the novelistic qualities of a series like “The Wire” and discusses how that show’s “Balzacian ambition to catalog every corner of its world” (that is Baltimore) stands in sharp contrast to the more inward, psychological approach taken by “The Sopranos.” He argues that “The Sopranos” yoked together postwar literature’s “horror of the suburbs” (novels like “Revolutionary Road” and “Rabbit, Run”) with what he regards as baby boomers’ ambivalence toward American capitalism (embodied, he suggests, in their fascination and repulsion with the mob, and their suspicion that “the American dream might at its core be a criminal enterprise”).


A political joke

A man is queuing for food in Moscow. Finally he’s had enough. He turns round to his friend and says “That’s it. I’m going to kill that Gorbachev,” and marches off. Two hours later he comes back. “Well,” says the friend, “did you do it?” “No,” replies the other, “there was an even longer queue over there.”

Little People With Little Problems Need Not Bother Us

Little People With Little Problems Need Not Bother Us

I am thrilled to see Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill and other progressive figures together under one roof socking to it power. First Look Media is that roof. I’m not thrilled that for that to happen, it took a billionaire with questionable loyalties to become the funder. How’s that old saying go?: ‘Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer’.

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