I told them to all go to Hell. I called in every maester on this side of the world. Every healer. Every apothecary. They stopped the disease and saved your life. Because you did not belong across the world with the bloody stone men. You are Princess Shireen of House Baratheon. And you are my daughter.
—  Stannis Baratheon (who truely should be named Dad of the year)

Samwell Tarly is Heimdall – the Watcher

the King’s Hand was all that the king himself was not— diligent, decisive, tireless, fiercely intelligent, just, and stern. “The gods made and shaped this man to rule,” Grand Maester Pycelle wrote of Tywin Lannister in a letter to the Citadel after serving with him on the small council for two years. 

And rule he did. As the king’s own behavior grew increasingly erratic, more and more the day-to-day running of the realm fell to his Hand. The realm prospered under Tywin Lannister’s stewardship— so much so that King Aerys’s endless caprices did not seem so portentous. Many Targaryens before him had exhibited similar behavior without great cause for concern. From Oldtown to the Wall, men began to say that Aerys might wear the crown, but it was Tywin Lannister who ruled the realm.

Peter Eggers as Tywin Lannister, c. 276AC