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Je suis toujours dans mes premiers pas dans l’aquarelle, merci à ceux qui ont eu le courage de me confier leur persos ! <3

- Vidal (c) ~KasugaTamaki      - Ay (c) ~Ae-ternum
- Itana (c) Catherine               - Aetia (c) *Sonala
- Sucrette from Amour Sucre (c) Clochete24            - special gift Anna Mathilda (c) *mae-chou

The World of Ice and Fire - Ser Barristan Selmy and Maelys the Monstrous locked in combat

Hightower and his men were hard-pressed for a time, but as the war hung in the balance, a young knight named Ser Barristan Selmy slew Maelys in single combat, winning undying renown and deciding the issue in a stroke, for the remainder of the Ninepenny Kings had little or no interest in Westeros and soon fell back to their own domains. Maelys the Monstrous was the fifth and last of the Blackfyre Pretenders; with his death, the curse that Aegon the Unworthy had inflicted on the Seven Kingdoms by giving his sword to his bastard son was finally ended.

Artist: Dhian Prasetya

maelie-deactivated20140114 said:

I never understood the whole "I'm a better feminist than you" point of view. What are your thoughts on it? Aren't we all fighting for the same thing?

I honestly feel like if someone feels like feminism is ONLY about them and their personal decisions and proving how “not brainwashed by the system” they are through a bunch of personal decisions that only affect THEM and them alone… and then they go about and tell other people how to symbolically represent feminism better

as oppose to placing more value of actually going out and doing something to make life easier for the people who don’t have the resources, knowledge, education, means or time to uphold their basic human rights because of systemic oppression

they have a lot to learn, and i’m not worried about them.

Its not about making feminism into this “look at the changes I can make in my life, why don’t you do the same? that’s dumb you’re just oppressing yourself. I’M SO SMART.”

Yes. Its perfectly find, and even respectable, for people to do things by principle. I decided to go natural and grow my natural hair out. But that doesn’t mean that’s the end all of oppression fighting. Its a symbolic statement that doesn’t necessarily need to extend to every other black woman. To then decide that other black women who didnt make my own set of personal choices with THEIR hair as I did mine, and assume that they are ignorant because I can’t physically SEE the types of oppressions may or may not they deal with and fight against every day is ignorant.

Thats got long haha

maelie-deactivated20140114 said:

Hi! I really enjoy this blog so thanks for doing such a great job. I'm doing some research on Bloody Marys and was hoping you could help me out. I'm curious what garnishes different regions, and bartenders use besides the typical celery and olives. If you could post this, or ask your readers what garnishes are used in their bloody marys and what city/state they live that would be so helpful. If you can't it is no problem and doing what you do with this great blog :)

thank you so much! of course i’ll do my best to help you out :)

what i’ve found so far can be summed up in the comments of this site…


but it would be great if my followers could help out as well? send her or me a message, or reply here with what area you’re in and how you choose to garnish your drink or what is common in your area.

Ormund Baratheon (Steffon Baratheon’s father) was Hand of the King during the reign of King Jaehaerys II:

King Jaehaerys had intended to lead the attack upon the Ninepenny Kings himself, but his Hand, Lord Ormund Baratheon, persuaded him that would be unwise. The king was unused to the rigors of campaign and not skilled in arms, the Hand pointed out, and it would be folly to risk losing him in battle so soon after the tragedy of Summerhall. Jaehaerys finally allowed himself to be persuaded to remain at King’s Landing with his queen. Command of the host was given to Lord Ormund, as King’s Hand. 

Ormund’s death:

In 260 AC, his lordship landed Targaryen armies upon three of the Stepstones, and the War of the Ninepenny Kings turned bloody. […] Lord Ormund Baratheon, the Westerosi commander, was amongst the first to perish. Cut down by the hand of Maelys the Monstrous, he died in the arms of his son and heir, Steffon Baratheon.

(The World of Ice and Fire) 

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