To Sam, Murf, Amy and Katie

Hi guys !!!

As you may have seen, I’m head of the team for Musichetta writers for the Les Amis Vlog ! So I just wanted to say hi to you all, get acquainted a little, before we start writing ! I’m sure we’re going to kick ass together, because Musichetta kicks ass and so do we. WOOO.
(I’m going to have to work on my “team leader” speeches because this kinda sucks excuse my bad sense of humour and all.)

I’ve talked a little to Shivani (xdominoe) who is going to be the face of our dear Chetta. She’s working on her bio, which we’ll see after she sends it to Chey and Shira. And let me tell you I think we’ve got all we need to have a real badass and sweet Chetta on the vlog. As you may have noticed if you saw her audition. Which is just, neat.
(Having a wtnv related url in the writers lists entitles me to say “neat”, yes?)

ANYWAY yeah come say hi have a cuppa do a fist bump, anything !
Looking forward to work on this with you guys !

josephinemontliyet asked:

in the time you've been in Europe i watched all 6 seasons of mad men and i just realized that your icon is Kenny and I may have screamed a little because i really fucking love him, anyway i hope you're having a great trip!

cries bc i missed this top but YAY for more mad men/ kenny love and for your flawless taste in everything omg

maegemormont replied to your photo “Gavin says I’m toppy tippers so my life is instantly better”

!!!! oh my god, how???!!!

My friend Maddie (who is lovely and though she doesn’t watch much Achievement Hunter or Roosterteeth, knew that Gavin is my favourite) went to VidCon and when she saw him she ran up to him and was like “can you please sign this for my friend Caitlyn?” and he signed the first piece of paper she pulled out which turned out to be a print out of her VidCon confirmation e-mail