Mady’s best friends were Ginger & Gavin Newson, (adopted) siblings. Her parents had allowed her to invite Ginger over to stay the night while they took one more romantic night off together before the new baby came. Of course they didn’t know that the girls had plans. Ginger didn’t come alone. Ginger had invited Connor Dawn, her crush, and Gavin to come with her to the sleepover!


My parents were really upset at first. Surprisingly enough they’ve actually come around. They’re being really supportive.

That’s great. So I’ll still be allowed to come over.

That’s another thing…

What is?

They suggested that maybe you should move in with us. You & I can share my room. The baby will be in the nursery with Bella. That way we can all be together. We’ll both be here to take care of the baby & neither of us will have to miss him or her.

Wait…you’re asking me to move in? Your parents want me to move in with you?

Yes. You’d have to follow the house rules of course. I’m doing homeschooling but in order for you to be able to live here, my parents said you have to stay in school & get good grades.


Daddy, I’m really sorry.

Sorry for what, Madyline?

I’m…I’m pregnant.

WHAT?! Please tell me this is some sort of sick joke. I can’t believe this. What were you thinking? You are a teenager, Madyline. You are far from prepared to be a parent. Trust me! How could you throw your life away like this?

Daddy…I’m so sorry.